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They assure you that “tell me” goes to the ruins. We’ll see. In the promo of the last episode, Antonio speeds up to lift a recognizable boat out of the window, as Mercedes asks him, “May I know what’s wrong with you?” she asks, “I didn’t tell you before because I thought. I was going to get over it”, and with a blues tune in the background, the voiceover ends: “When the past tortures you, you can’t escape”. Well, imagine the future after the indelible count that awaits us.

The peasantry had already entered the 21st century when the longest running La 1 series premiered here, going back to a time when no one here except a short man with a mustache and a flute voice had a stake in the arts or management, and the peasantry had already entered the 21st century, and the first seasons made a significant impact, is it because of the fidelity it portrayed in the late sixties? I don’t know if it’s because taking refuge in longing is usually more pleasant than going out. I go out every morning to face reality. The truth is that this takes the pulse of the fiction, grabs the viewer because of the complexity of the script and perhaps because of the image burden where the charges of tax evasion outweigh the protagonists and the threat of punishment and punishment. beautiful has Imanol Arias and Ana Duato of the Tax and Anti-Corruption Service as dance partners. You see, it’s not dystopia or anything.

Things may have started to go wrong when he kicked Echanove. Carlitos gradually replaced Villadiego, but Ricardo G√≥mez has grown well far from a career-defining role. After such a busy cycle, Imanol could think of nothing better than to spawn practically everything he had recorded on TV and then pull it back with something like, “Sorry, it won’t happen again.” Nothing else, but when it comes to embroidery, we embroider.

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