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Someone should talk to Oltra


No one wants to openly say that Oltra must go in Botànic, even if those who think so are legionnaires. They themselves are trapped in their own contradictions and more afraid of post-oltrism because, apart from Marzà, who has escaped (although he has proven to be adept, it now seems that his sudden departure was only yesterday’s not in Consel). Rather than chasing kamikazes to stay, even if Monica drags them all away in her fall. The outsiders fear the injured animal’s uncontrolled reaction, even though they know the election bubble is already flying low and the bile of a Compromís torn apart by his own congregation will be lethal to their aspirations to continue to rule.. When I say their community, we mean the Compromise constituency, we mean those people on the left, nationalist or both, who will not forgive ethical inconsistency, who will not understand what is most important to them. It falls into the double morality that helps so much in unmasking it while others practice it. No one at Consell dares to say that Mónica cannot name the institution by bringing her vice president as a defendant before the TSJ judges. Whatever the final outcome, hell is waiting for you out there because Monica wanted to present it as a challenge to those judges, from power to power. Toga lords take on challenges badly. We also don’t know what will unfold when the digging begins, with the predictably relentless interest in the media (let’s see what drama scenario dares with the elements this case has) that could make matters worse. day to day. Minute by minute. Monica cannot understand that the world can only function on the basis of unbreakable commitments, firm stances, emotionless gestures, and a cult of personality that is more caring than genuine, because these are things she has given birth to for decades and are now falling into. ugly, aesthetically inexcusable. Ethics and aesthetics are once again the two ends of a rope that binds it and leaves the only way out. He has the right to defend himself, more would be missing, but without using the institution of which he is a part in this defense. No one from Botànic would dare to say that and tell him. But someone has to.

And one more thing:

It will be the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine. Health Minister Carolina Darias announced yesterday with a surprising statement that the decision of the health authorities was taken because no country in the world has yet reached this level. We have internalized the epidemic and made the virus “flu”, which continues to have a high incidence, although the effects are already very mild due to vaccines. A lot of promotion and a lot of pedagogy will have to be redone, as it will be difficult to achieve such high levels of previous doses among the population.

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