miniature cars for kids

The new B1 license came as a shock to the mother, a maid who had to argue daily about the benefits of public transport when her children complained about how bad the bus smelled, how hot it was inside, how long the brake slammed and how long it would take. takes weekends. Sustainable mobility, global warming, melting of polar ice caps, etc. conversations do not convince crowded and sweaty children and certainly not train, subway, bus and other users who are unfortunately accustomed to long waits. frequencies and old means of movement because in this country, with honorable exceptions, investment in public transport is a delusion. “In other words, we’re the losers,” my son muttered when I explained that I didn’t think it was acceptable to waste your free tax-paid ticket and pay almost three euros for a little over an hour in a municipality. Parking lot, after school, for the price of caviar. When he’s 16 he can pull out the new B1 and ask me to buy him one of those cute “heavy quads” that the government apparently supports. Tiny vehicles with a futuristic design that go up to 90 kilometers per hour (how scary), almost all-electric, circulate in the city and on the road, with an average price of 10,000 Euros. With this innovation, DGT appears to be targeting the one million children who have so far been waiting to be able to drive until they are 18 years old and have no choice but to use the bus, bike or motorcycle. I hope everyone decides to take advantage of this new opportunity to fill the streets with rubbish for one or two travelers and is encouraged to continue to belong to endangered species called pedestrians. Or it’s stuck depending on the glass you’re looking at.

Electric car manufacturers will be pleased with the new space that Pedro Sánchez has opened up for them. I don’t know what your Minister for the Environment will think, as he still hasn’t set the price of a kilowatt home for us while we already have a new need for consumption. The Germans faced the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine on the energy market by discouraging private transport and creating a €9 per month bonus that allows users to board any public transport throughout the country. Something similar is being explored here, but he speculates that things are getting complicated slowly and due to different policies of autonomies in this regard. The explicit commitment to less polluting mobility is neither here nor expected, with nine euros in these parts you go to the airport but do not return. In the meantime, let’s get the kids who can afford it behind the wheel and call it progress. But cars are cars of any size, and there are only two options: Add to the constant traffic jams and parking problem that plagues most towns and cities, or eliminate it by offering modern and adequate collective alternatives. One vehicle per person, including tourists adding thousands; A car for every member of the family, including those who haven’t voted yet. What was the need to expand the special mobility of minors, I think there was not. As with scooters, we can pray we don’t run into their cute quads on the sidewalks.

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