Promises made and unpaid debts to Elche

Eleven months ago the County Council was much more interested in the future than it is now. Elche Congress Palace. This may be because Carlos Mazón was there and is no longer there, and his legacy, debts, or promises to the city matter little to his successors. I remember a conversation with a senior executive of a provincial agency in which he had no problem explaining the relevant issues in great detail. where was everything. He said that the only thing that was important at that time was to close the purchase of the land, whose location had finally been decided, as soon as possible. And it had to be done at all costs Before the end of 2022 to avoid losing the investment and starting all over again cumbersome administrative process next year. I remember a sentence from this or another similar conversation: “But we have already completed the preliminary project!” And they said this when the Elche City Council was still considering adding more land and seeing who would pay for it.

These are possibly investigating the guilt of the other person responsible for the delay or The journalist will continue to criticize. It was intended, that’s how I always understood it. common good. Obey what is understood. The important thing was to move the project forward, not the personal or political fights you might encounter all the time. A lot of delays had accumulated since César Sánchez’s engagement to then-mayor Carlos González at the end of 2018 (yes, 2018). To pay off his debt to the city with a symbolic work -said another ADDA- accusations were always in the background even elegantly.

Mazón and González masked in 2021, when the plot was announced, which is still stopped two years later Antonio Amoros

He was a politician from the PP (president of the Provincial Council) and the PSOE (mayor of Elche), filling the gap on whose fault it was that things were moving so slowly (pun intended) in the palace. Their latest achievement will come to fruition with an agreement to be signed days before the end of the year. allowing the acquisition of single land Objectively speaking, found the ideal location. Eleven months later we are the same or similar.

In fact, the best thing the government team did in months was to fence it and pave it so it could serve as a parking lot, which was and is much needed because, as if it were a foreboding, I already saw that this whole project would be frozen for a long time.. I would sleep the sleep of the righteous.

And now that everyone is the same on both sides of the People’s Party, neither some push (Diputación), nor others push (Elche City Council), or vice versa, which does not matter. Two months ago We asked the institution about the issue and we are still waiting for someone to tell us how things are going and not to delay us, but I have already stated that the urgency of the work does not matter. And from the City Council, no matter how many mayors there are, Pablo RuzOn the same day he took office, he assured that he would be the first advocate for the needs of the city, fulfillment of debts and promisesreality shows us very different things. And so he leaves his promises as empty promises.

Whose fault is it that the project was stopped? Well, I don’t know which institution, but this can be pointed out as they are now both run by the same party, although they make sure to say that it belongs to technicians. What’s the harm in not making a statement? To present the preliminary project? where does it stand? What has already been resolved on this issue? ¿How many meetings were held??

There is some disdain for answering these by those who have the answers. I know this from the answers they gave us privately. Some popular leaders consider themselves so superior to others that they do not feel the need to answer these questions. They have lost some of the humility they had in situations where the blame might fall on others or be their own..

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