The curse of the Lady of Elche fell on another minister

“You gain what you leave behind, you lose what you leave behind, you bring peace as much as the peace you leave behind.”“.

This statement can be exemplified, from beginning to end, by an image of the last Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, who was defended this Monday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in his new government. And without a doubt we can put the mayor of Elche, Pablo Ruz, or even the Lady of Elche as its author, because it perfectly reflects what happened with the rejection of the loan.

During these two years and 132 days in office Iceta spoke in as harsh a tone as he could regarding the loan of the Iberian bust, and it does not matter whether this claim was made by his own people or not (Carlos González and Ximo Puig) by political opponents (Pablo Ruz and Carlos Mazón), prompting many today to say: Lady’s Curse He declared a new (political) victim, or if you prefer, he hit another headline of the denialist culture with all his weight.

The Lady of Elche, which Pablo Ruz gave to Minister Miquel Iceta in Madrid. A photo that is now history. There is another raid between the two. INFORMATION


There is no minister left who has not been asked officially this piece of limestone and that he did not lose confidence in President Sánchez so soon after his inauguration, but there are sure to be other, much more important reasons.

This happened to José Guirao (one year 213 days), Who is in the election campaign? In Elche, he even gave assurances that the Lady would return to the city if PSOE won (PSOE repeated the victory with its partners, the Lady did not leave Madrid and did not even regain her position) or José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes (one year is 180 days). Now it was Iceta’s turn.

New Minister of Culture Carlos Luján/EP

Political profile

So what will his successor be? Know what Ernest Urtasun is Sumar’s spokesperson Regarding items on loan from the National Archaeological Museum or elsewhere Element considered part of Spanish HeritageIt’s hard to know, but a profile beyond the political profile is unpredictable.

It doesn’t seem like he came to make friends or culture because simply, theirs has always been something else more relevant with high politicsEven though he will study at the French High School. He doesn’t even seem like a sensitive person outside of football.His passion for Barça, an area of ​​management (Sports) that is until now part of the Culture, is known. Maybe you can see him there.

Lady of Elche in a photo taken during the pandemic INFORMATION


As we said that day About that famous meeting between Ruz and IcetaAfter the controversial report on the supposed poor condition of the bust, a document bearing no signature or attachment, in which the mayor warned him before the mayor sat down that they could talk about anything other than the Lady because she had made the bust. I wouldn’t move from there, from MadridThe Elche councilor has to make another move because the announcement he made on his return from a visit to the minister, in which he assured him that they would launch a series of initiatives to put pressure on the Government and achieve the transfer, seems to have continued What an old man… There is the minister and what does the new minister say? We don’t know what he’s thinking, whether he’s thinking about anything. A lot of things have happened in such a short time. Now the pressure seems to have a better chance of returning out of fear of damnation rather than any government the councilor could do. A party that is clearly against him. We also don’t know what he got into Iceta.

In any case, curse (politics) continues.

Source: Informacion


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