And now completely different people in different social networks, not connected in any way with each other – and here I categorically refuse to plagiarize – he called it “Dejected insensitivity.” So, the festival of Russian culture “SlovoNovo”, which moved from Montenegro to Tel Aviv. And they condemned such a timeless celebration of life around him.

In this condemnation, it’s pretty hard to say how much envy there was to bright, well-established people at a single party we weren’t invited to, but it’s pretty hard to say how much disgust and awkwardness there was about the holiday. I don’t know, ambivalence.

Although jealousy is an unstable emotion and is always dressed as condemnation.

But the diagnosis itself is very interesting.

“Sorrowful insensitivity.” The term psychiatric denotes a situation in which, for some reason, the mental functions of higher beings are inaccessible to a person, and the person … that is, turns into, say, a pig or a rabbit … he may be afraid, He may wish, but he can no longer sympathize, empathize: these higher level skills. It is like the disappearance of emotions, but not all, that is, only those attributed to man: emotions for loved ones and neighbors, for art.

After all, only that person – the one whose heart aches for everything in the world, right …

And this phenomenon can be called frankly: depression. But no. It is called poetic. Anesthesia dolorosa, Anesthesia dolorosa, mental anesthesia, sorry, I’m not a poet so to speak. This is how medieval Latin words sound – mysterious and poetic, like an ancient ritual. If you read a medical dictionary aloud, you can speak it right away on SlovoNovo. “Sad Insensitivity” was culturally animated by Yuri Arabov for the script for Sokurov’s film.

Much more interesting, however, is the diagnosis of affixing the label “grievous insensitivity” to nearly all events.

On the contrary, it seems to me that society has unfortunately become empathetic. Too emotional today. This is the life of social networks, which requires mourning publicly and loudly, or, conversely, publicly happy. We are in a new era of sensuality. And what to do … Too much information. The brain is not adapted to this volume and density of information and involves a primitive emotional response. You should always feel something. And it’s not even a thing: that is, compassion.

“Emotional modes” change constantly throughout history. Sometimes feelings are welcome in society, sometimes not. Depending on what emotions, what kind of society depends. In the 17th century, society encouraged the following emotions: misunderstanding, anxiety, melancholy. The rest was not accepted to feel. And they didn’t feel it. In the 18th century you had to cry in public all the time. The Soviet regime was suffering, there were no passions, only civilian feelings were welcomed. The party committee complained of passions. The party committee was concerned with emotions.

What about today?

It’s hard to say more: “sad” or “positive” sentimentality. It’s very eye-catching and “burn in hell, creatures” – with any person who speaks differently from you, and “God, you’re beautiful” – in relation to any selfie of any scary woman. You are already afraid of uploading your photos in order not to be mistaken as “How beautiful I am”.

A gay man wrote to me about his hardest experience, not being able to kiss his boyfriend on the subway escalator. It was the prohibition of the public manifestation of feelings, which, on the one hand, wanted his feelings to be shown, and on the other, did not allow it to be shown to all social people, which seemed to be the most terrible punishment to which his society had condemned him. groups and in any case.

It is fashionable to suffer, to repent in front of everyone, to mourn in front of everyone. This is called “covering me up”. If you’re not covered, you’re not in fashion. “Are you strongly veiled now?” – asks a friend sympathetically. Because now everyone has to “cover up” and everyone has to accept it. Yes, I don’t even know what a “panic attack” is, but everyone knows I’m not trendy. I first got to know some of the heroes of the festival of Russian culture from the surprisingly frank documentary series “I’m a Pervert”, which showcases the dissonant neurotic inner world.

Social media is now used to showcase what used to be hidden. One person who said, “My father just died, I don’t know why I’m writing this,” not only succumbed to the general fashion, but also allowed to think about him.

Remember, there was a meme called “I don’t get upset about anything”. When the person you thought was the enemy died, you showed that you were not upset, and only completely excluded, and the duelists allowed this – apparently even Nevzorov did not dare. Not mourning the public is arrogance, bravado and circus recklessness in general – this is very unacceptable.

In general, this looks like an age of plebeians, not an age of mercy. It is known that ordinary people turn to emotions. Aristocracy restrains emotions. Mourners are recruited for simple funeral rites. It is customary among ordinary people to look into the face of a widow, whether she is grieving enough or not, and to condemn “if not enough”.

And Prince William and Kate Middleton never show their emotions in public. And they never hold hands and even specifically explain to us: no, it’s not because they don’t like each other, but because it’s not protocol.

But we have democratization and the customs of the people have become the customs of the whole society.

I myself am an emotional person and I am not proud of it, I do not like very emotional people, I do not trust feelings, especially men, I do not like dogs for hypersensitivity and all these feelings. It was given to them for nothing because of their canine nature: devotion, loyalty, and what is called love. And yes, insensitivity, in fact, I want to lose sense, become a rabbit, go wild and further, further, become a lizard, as in Mandelstam’s poems, I will wear a horn mantle, I will refuse hot blood, I will raise suckers … and up the ladder of evolution I will cheer you up again!

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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