Pandora’s “deconcentration” box

If we listen to the legend of Pandora’s box, There are melons that it is better not to open, if you are not one hundred percent sure of what to find in it.. Decentralization, “deconcentration” now reads the neologism of that old innovation that has existed throughout God’s entire life, of trying to bring the center to the periphery (or periphery), undoubtedly one of them. It is not a matter of “assuming” or “missing” as it is supposed to be, but perhaps what you want is what you are not willing to give. And this must be taken into account before starting work. When we saw it at BİLGİ yesterday, we saw the map of the proposal in the seminar. “Very loud and messy Spain” (We started badly), there are those who are there, in the cheerful and combative spirit of dividing them into different regional parties, where Ximo Puig encouraged Madrid to lobby and “upgrade” the headquarters of up to ten leading institutions. ojiplatiko Many, especially from Alicante, applauded the initiative at first, but then logically moved on. “Well, what about mine?” Getting Puertos del Estado’s headquarters there may seem like a fair and necessary affair, as it is seen from Valencia. But viewed from Alicante or Castellón, the logic of trying to “concentrate” by concentrating more is not seen with many friends.. The surprise is the melon problem. It cannot be denied that Puig is the head of the Generalitat, which has done the most to make a (timid) attempt at decentralization within the Valencian Community. In Sindic de Greugues’ attempt to bring something beyond the Numantine position, there were so many pitchers to the source that instead of bringing it away, even Innovation and Universities came, the first Alicante Department in history. The trilero count of AVI was minimal, and after the Benidorm-based Ministry of Tourism was left in an unborn venture. But this does not mean that we continue to remember from the inner circle that this is one of the most centralized autonomies in the country, in the whole country (read Spain). And neither the PSPV, nor the PP, nor the various Botànics governments have changed that.. You open the wrong melon and they unleash a setback from Madrid that leaves you in place, as spokesperson Isabel Rodriguez made clear yesterday. Only newly created institutions can be exported. But nothing of what is present and present. Nice try, sorry if the try isn’t interpreted as a punch in the air, they’re the ones who screwed up the most.

And one more thing:

A 30-degree Mediterranean Sea has turned into a second Caribbean, and is on its way to reaching 36 degrees, the waters of the Persian Gulf. More tropical nights than on Guadalquivir, and it’s a worrying prospect because after the stifling heat, the inevitable torrential rains will follow. The perspectives left yesterday by a report from the Climatological Lab are no longer meant to scare anyone, because that’s just an explanation of what can become chronic each summer. Or it gets worse.

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