loose stars

As the guest jokingly put it, the actor selected for the masterclass in Cannes was Javier Bardem. He reviewed his life and work in front of a dedicated audience: “Even if getting wet makes me add enemies, like my eyes and my hair are brown. But it makes you grow.” Wow, that’s how she grew up. Enough to share the sequence of her first adventure with Penelope with the audience: “We started kissing because the script wanted it and no one told us to stop. When we realized we were alone, the team was gone… Then when we got married, Woody sent us the recording as a wedding present.” Fixed Farrow thinking as if he was seeing it.

Sixty years after Buñuel’s win with “Viridiana”, only one film has chosen the Palme d’Or, the only one to do so. Spain is a land of nadales, gasols, ramons and cajals…but much less so to protect an industry in which empty stars are sprouting, to bet on science and research as God intended, or even to avoid making a mess with the transcendence of philosophy. Progress has been made in most areas – that would be fine – but in addition to what has been outlined, it is costing the world to consolidate a protective web of population profiles that must breathe, as in the near horizons. Maybe it has something to do with the way education laws don’t lead to the Far West.

Before the criticism that anyone who manipulates education can manipulate society, it’s instructive to follow Emilio Lledó: “There are intellectual and religious groups trying to dominate education because that means dominating their future, especially if it’s a crazy, immoral, immoral future. even people who are only interested in economic domination. The impact of these interests is very serious because they are not based on freedom. Outside the Community of Madrid, professor, that’s where they do it.

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