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as long as Pedro Sanchez it may not miss the moment to justify the management balance, especially since the surveys do not raise the PSOE. He wants it to be recorded against the People’s Party and the far right, and aims to give impetus to the tough legislature and improve relations with coalition Executive and parliamentary partners.

Nunez Feijoo He eats the soil and the group on the left takes tablets against depression. Yolanda Diaz tries to join forces with his political project. And in the Andalusian elections of 19J, the right will continue to win, without much effort, in the face of the gaseous dispersal of political groups around a PSOE, above all, not in the territory of Andalusia.

You can talk about the corruption of the PP and the party itself, against citizenship and democratic law. But this is not enough. Tensions and scandals vote for the harvest of the Popular Party, which Vox is chasing after. They do not support any measures that might benefit workers and coexistence. They don’t even need it because they take encouragement from so many people.

Meanwhile, the Andalusian elections are beyond the scope of this election. Socialist candidate for chairman of the board, John’s SwordsHe must unsheath his sword, aim well at his enemies and put his finger on people’s problems, if his weakness and diminished summoning power do not prevent him. Autonomous elections, yes, although from a broader point of view they seem general.

The poster shows the main hero, Moreno BonillaTo swords and Macarena Olona flamenco dress. He introduces his verbal castanets as vice-president in this autonomous community, and then gets embarrassed or embarrassed every time he moves his beak, just as his colleague, the vice-president of Castilla y León, intended to do in another region. someone is laughing. Adhere to.

Behind the three are Feijóo, Sánchez and ebony It is concealed in this prologue that there will be continuity in 2023 and that Sánchez will likely be affected if the relevant voters are not mobilized or Espadas does not at least have a notable defeat. From the beginning, half a million Andalusians rely on the laurels of abstention.

As for the prospects of Ciudadanos, they are once again on the brink of the abyss. progressive disintegration of the party Ines Arrimadas he is unstoppable and nothing shows he can survive. They made it possible for their mission to save the right with a PP in trouble, and their raison d’être ends here, no matter how much they claim otherwise.

The area is considered “large abandoned” by the left. Some must love the “patriotic and social alternative” of Vox more. One thing is very important. The need that the prices paid by distributors at least cover the costs of production and that farmers and ranchers do not lose their produce when selling it.

It all points to a very slim chance of Bonilla not committing entirely to Vox’s bear hug. PSOE should put another gear on the car and appeal to the Madridista saga in the spirit of a comeback, which apparently won’t be easy. Juan Espadas understands that Andalusia “needs more rights, not more”. Because a “big tax cut” greatly reduces the quality of public services.

Among other factors, the ERE case, whose sentence is under review by the Supreme Court, will continue to seriously undermine socialist voting intentions until further notice, even though the decision was not known before the elections so as not to interfere with that process. . Regarding the Azud case, a bribery and illegal commission scheme, which some have now published and concerns ink against the PSOE, was born in the City Council, led by it. Rita BarberaIt can be said that the PP influenced its leaders and some socialist leaders who no longer had any responsibility.

The structural corruption that the PP has (which still needs to be fully evaluated) does not seem to be a hindrance in terms of electoral aspirations, as we mentioned earlier. And we repeat that we need to play with offers, negotiate and score goals, not just stating. Only one goal served Madrid to win the cup. What is bad for Andalusian socialism, palace, Benzema anyone viniciusand the progressive right imposes its cultural and political thesis on this social trading machine. This makes the individual even more a commodity.

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