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Lilith Verstrynge is the new voice for the inauthenticity of the disoriented left, but so dangerous that it’s okay to let her shout out her grievances without putting any more value on her than they have: none. They are so spontaneous and revolutionary that no obstacle seems insurmountable to them. They post their events happily and talkatively, without measuring the consequences of their actions, but are always well received by a hobby that is encouraged to stay idle and get along with the constant subsidy one will pay.

And all this, of course, all those who divide the world into victims, who are increasingly responsible for, produce, or possess injustice and have to continue to work forever and at the same time be vilified because of this damned situation. for him.

The fact is that the ideologues of this vulgar and arrogant left, namely the avant-garde, live their message so easily that they cannot put themselves in the shoes of those who labor. They have attained great heights of power by virtues so irrelevant that they can only explain their rise by praising trivial things.

The last of this policy has been an attack on Lilith, a good birth and a better life, a culture of effort and merit. The qualities that have always been valued, now the barriers to capitalist society, the barriers to living well, the barriers to leisure proposed as a social right, the conquest of the new model, not knowing very well why vagrancy should be considered. the pinnacle of all virtues and the mirror in which to look at himself.

Everything was written from birth for this ideologue, who broke away from humanism, existentialism and the essence of any initiation movement at the same time. The poor will continue to be poor even if they try to get out of their poverty. A kind of inevitable and deadly fate. Nothing can be done to circumvent the crib’s designs. There is no individual progress. There is no competition, although it is natural and typical for all living things that these new thinkers should ignore the moral superiority that they ascribe to themselves and some unconsciously bestow upon them.

Unwittingly, they coincide with cultures that proclaim and enslave resignation and acceptance of divine will, as essential is the rhetoric of sacrifice, which they enthusiastically practice to position themselves as saviors of oppression that has become the norm. slaves by nature and subjects to the poor and serfs, set up to play this role. To rebel was to attack the order established by divine design. This is another advance of the left that brings us back and sells obscenity as progress.

Because that’s what they want in the first place: the acceptance and resignation of the innate condition. And suppose that nothing and no one can avoid it, and even less effort.

And of course, if there is no effort and everything is written, then the person has no personal responsibility for his actions. There will always be a criminal. Pure happiness.

Now, having said that, propaganda needs to be analyzed in the light of their propositions in the face of the cowardly culture of merit and effort. To this end, of course, we must never lose sight of the fact that success is the criterion and the model to follow, which in itself leads to uncertainty and rejection of mimesis and obedience. If you don’t want to be like them, I have plenty of forgiveness.

The deputy, together with the effort, the culture of merit, puts those who do not reach, unintentionally or on condition, above those who do not come, what scares, creates stress, insecurity and depression, exhausts, tires and does not allow. Living the only guaranteed life to the full should be understood with complete egalitarianism, which does not distinguish between those who know and those who do not know, those who fight and those who do not, the strong or not.

The solution is not easy for me. If effort is not the basis of success according to the legitimate ambitions or desires of each, what is the criterion for survival? And there, in that silencing key, lies the whole theory of this new left, deceiving those who want to be deceived, by belittling reality. The answer can be no other than a subsidy given to a thousand working and toiling abusers. Because the latter is the necessary condition for those who want to live in peace to be able to live in peace and without being exposed to the thousands of evils that work brings. A curse for Verstrynge.

Not qualifying students as traumatizing, reducing minimum requirements and at the same time filling their heads with ideological bullshit is the best way to build a world in which speeches like the UP MP’s can thrive.

Education is key. They are aware, and they insisted on manipulating it by creating monsters with a predestined future. It’s not the progress we’re building under the cover of a collective deception, and it’s just a fraud for a teenager who believes it can’t happen. And it won’t, because under benevolent guise, discourse itself is the breeding ground of an enslaved society. That’s what they’re after. And we must react to this before it is too late.

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