women who don’t like women

When I was little, I was fascinated by the comments my grandmothers made. done on other women. I have to admit I wasn’t surprised by my grandparents. They were old men born in the 1920s. clearly sexist and therefore, it is ‘natural’ for them to be. But he did not fully understand them. At home, my young parents always tried to ensure that there was no separation between my brother and me, but it was about getting to the grandparents’ houses, and on the one hand, this gender difference emerged suddenly and two, there were women who were hostile criticism of other women. For their clothing, physical appearance, social behavior, choices, ways of speaking or sex-marriage decisions. For whatever happened.

So I was still far from understanding, but they folded on their backs and still did all the contempt and exclusion of the world. because you are a woman. First, in a backward country where it is prohibited because women were born in the countryside or in agricultural work. fair access to an education and then to many workplaces. Second, because he was sentenced to a dictatorship that enslaved women. servants of men onlyThey were grateful to have them by their side, to be docile, and ceased to endure horns, beatings, humiliations, and at all costs. And whoever didn’t, was a prostitute.

Third, because—whether they want it or not— they had to breed for the fact that they were women. Like animals for utility, hunting, or the field. And if not, stay away from society. No one asked them, and they certainly didn’t think about whether they wanted to be mothers. It wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity. Also, menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy… Being a woman is a pain in the ass. Being a man was infinitely better.

And I say they should think of something like this Isabel Diaz Ayuso Y Carla Tuscany, two women with speakers, responsible, have opportunities and above all, freedom, freedom of choice, something that my ancestors did not have. They, Isabel and Clara, I say were not born in Primo de Rivera’s 1920s. but in the late 70’s, half a century later, and the dictator is finally underground. Until then, things hadn’t changed much (it would take decades to get under the stigma of the dictatorship and the backwardness it had doomed us to) but as a teenager living in the 90s, his life was like mine. , it was different, and above all, we had a historic opportunity. start changing the macho of ancestors For a more egalitarian society.

They, like me, immediately understood – or should have done so because they had the intellectual and economic resources to do so – men and women. we don’t paint the same thing, we are not respected the same, we are not paid the same, we are not judged the same way… And that is unfair. It is as frightening as it is unfair. Obviously, if they understood all this, if they did, they wouldn’t be. spewing this self-hatred against women This makes us very sad. They don’t say that we want to arrive alone and drunk, without responsibility even in the face of our worst decisions, or that we miss being shouted at in the street, ‘tell me your name, I want kings’. , as if we were an object, something that can be boughtanother toy.

I understand my grandmothers, I support them, and I understand that they are doing their best in a hostile environment. they helped me open my eyes thank you for being born a womandespite all the daily obstacles. Now one sentence to women who continue to hate women: You don’t know what you’re missing.

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