I confess that I have argued with myself from time to time about how to act in the face of the barbarism expressed by some politicians. Am I falling into the trap of spreading and adding propaganda? You already know: “Let them talk about me, even if it is bad” – or, as M. Rajoy involuntarily put it: “The worse it is for everyone, the better for me his political good”. Is it better to bite my tongue and ignore them? I do not know yet. The most common self-response is that what the media absolutely cannot do is repeat quotes. Not when what is said is untrue, unfair, or could be dangerous because of trivialization or incitement. Well, all these requirements are fulfilled in the following speech: Isabel Diaz Ayuso President of the Community of Madrid since 2019, and—finally—president of the Partido Popular Madrileño since the last congress a few days ago. In her impromptu speech, she denounced some of the new feminist measures announced by the Spanish Government, concluding the ‘Just yes, yes’ Act, which these days is among the aggravating acts of aggression. that the victim was subjected to violence or serious harm; that this is a specific vulnerability; that the aggressor was a partner of the victim or had a family relationship, and that chemical surrender clauses were used to annul the will in the sexual assault.

“The way they see life that is typical of spoiled people who want to be alone and drunk, lack responsibility even in their worst decisions, puts many of our women who work every day to move our country forward to shame.” This blatant fallacy is inappropriate, especially when we coincide with our dismay at at least four reports of gang rape in the same May. When 2021 closes with a total of 2,143 complaints regarding the offense of penetrating sexual assault. 547 more violations (34.3%) than in 2020, when the epidemic was marked. However, these figures also represent an increase of 14.4% compared to 2019. There are about six rapes a day or the same: noting that the Ministry of Equality’s latest Macro-survey on Violence Against Women is published every four hours, he noted that in 2019 only 8% of victims reported these attacks. This example of shamelessly sexist speech from a podium helps us understand why the vast majority choose to swallow their pain rather than condemn it, and make themselves doubly victims. The same Macro-survey brings us other horrific data, such as Díaz Ayuso’s own speech: More than 2.8 million women and girls have been subjected to sexual violence in Spain. Women with disabilities are more exposed to physical or sexual violence than their spouses; 21% compared to 14% of the rest of the women. Of these women who were sexually assaulted by their partners, 86% had experienced it more than once, and more than half of those who dared to report it said that the police showed little interest and did little to resolve the case.

bad girl;

1. For a child: Spoiled and rude.

2. Lack of manners, rude, rude.

In addition to working every day to move our country forward, I had to raise three children in the letters life gave you. Alone. I have two sons and a daughter, whom I sincerely believe I have raised to be responsible for every decision they make. I would like to be able to say that I brought them up in equality, without any discrimination, but that is not true. All of us who have a daughter – or sister or friend – know that there is one important difference that breaks our freedom every time we leave the house. It has very little to do with the freedom to go out and have a beer without the fear of meeting your ex, and a lot to do with the fear of coming home and encountering an unscrupulous person or bunch. It has nothing to do with the call when you arrive; don’t be alone for what you want most; Walking with cell phone in hand and keys that switch between fingers. It has to do with the absolute horror of your daughter not answering the call.

For the least bit that touched me—and sometimes the crappy cards life gives you—my partner raped me and I was kidnapped on my way out of work and I tried to rape a stranger with a gun. He wasn’t drunk either, but even if he was… believe me, I wouldn’t have the slightest doubt as to who was responsible and who we should be ashamed of. Everything. Even more powerful are those with a microphone and a power position. And if you’re really wondering how to avoid rape, I bring you the recipe. It’s not that the spoilers don’t come back alone after we get the beers we want…that the spoilers don’t rape us.

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