You did not understand anything, Your Majesty.

If the Spaniards reproached their former king for something, it would be a waste to travel by private plane, do business behind their country’s back, act as brokers and move money from here to there, hiding it in the accounts of their friends.

And this is what drives him to leave his country and live in a strange place where, however luxurious it may be, he has no home of his own. But there, at least, it enjoys a certain anonymity, something it can no longer buy in its homeland, where a once exemplary government can’t act without feeling bitterly rejected by its grateful citizens.

Exemplary: This is the great and unique legacy of an institution with only succession rights, such as a monarchy, and is the only instance of the State that is not subject to voting rights. This privilege, of course, necessitates, obliges, not only to set an example, but also to appear as Caesar’s wife at all times and in all circumstances. And this is an imperative that can be extended to the so-called “royal family”, which is difficult to understand in a democratic society like ours.

Then why maintain such an institution as a monarchy in the XXI century? Well, I think, for two reasons: First, the stability it gives to the head of state. A king assures continuity over time, stable representation outside, and moderate power within. Second, we dispossess the political class that whips us out of the highest institution of the state, which we leave in the hands of an “expert”, albeit only representative, who is prepared for these issues and has no partisan interests. Can you imagine Zapatero, Aznar or Felipe González as the President of Spain today? I don’t know about you, but I prefer Don Felipe.

Having said that, I must also express my belief in that. real institution has to evolve: its imputability is inadmissible because it is above the law, above the rest of the Spaniards; We already know what this leads us to: Campecano syndrome released.

And I’m sure it will be resolved as easily as a constitutional amendment that no one will oppose.

But back to Campecano exactly: when he first returns to Spain, he does it on a private plane, like an elite football player or a Russian businessman, for 100,000 Euros per trip, paid by who knows.

It is not known who spoke how, since his former majesty most likely paid for travel expenses from his large estate, which he had suspiciously acquired. Was it so difficult to travel to Madrid in business class on a regular line and then travel to Vigo with Iberia? Don’t you understand that the main accusation of the Spaniards is precisely this, their lack of normalcy because of their dubious business? Do not want to go back to feel the appreciation of the Spaniards and realize that you are still a favorite in their hearts?

No, Your Majesty, that’s not the way. you did not understand.

Finally, sir, I declare that, as a Spaniard, I will make a clear distinction between Don Juan Carlos I and Juan Carlos de Borbón, who led us from the dictatorship to the system of liberties we now enjoy. Millionaire living abroad. I will always stay with the first, and I hope time will carry me to the “we’ve all made mistakes in life” compassion when I remember the second.

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