Enough of the comparison!

The man makes a throaty sound that expresses pleasure. She likes the newly offered eggplants very much and adds that her ex-wife cooks it in the same way. The current couple is quiet but does not shake their head. She keeps talking about her ex-partner and says she has a talent for cooking. He looks at her and tries to triumphantly compensate for her unnecessary comment, praising her many other skills. The girlfriend of the middle one smiles and, in case of any doubt, reminds her again that her ex was a disaster, but cooked like angels. I’m at the next table and I want to smash the hamburger in the back of his head. In general, comparisons are unnecessary. A friend of mine told me she has a boyfriend who is committed to comparing himself to her past daughter’s butt. When she least expected it, she suggested doing more squats to tone this part of her anatomy. My friend is clever and sent him to do endless squats. End of story.
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