Ignorant Europe must defuse the African bomb

Any European country is living in internal conflict while waiting for the effect of the war in Ukraine, not understanding the serious problem of the African bomb that is forming under its feet. Africa is 14 kilometers from Spain in the Strait of Gibraltar; a fence away in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla; and a few hours sailing on a patera from Italy. A demographic, economic, humanitarian bombardment, as well as a high risk of terrorism due to the destabilization of the Sahel (Niger, Mali, Chad, Sudan and as many as ten countries in the Central African ecosystem).

This is a demographic bombshell where they report bloody immigration by sea (to the Canary Islands, the southern coast of Spain, Italy or Greece); by land (Syrian refugees crossing Turkey and stranded in the Greek forests) and by air (Africans arrive in Brazil and, like many Brazilians, freely enter Portugal from there).

It is an unstoppable stream, a human drama, for it is driven not only by hunger and wars, but also by the frustration of educated, even university students, who risk their lives on a boat in search of a life of dignity.

But it is also a terror bomb, because in the heart of the Sahel region, disturbing military events are taking place, such as the coup in Niger. (Add the last palace coup in Gabon, further south in the Gulf of Guinea, in which a progressive person won the election.) China has a high economic clout in these lands, and another politico-military intervention directed by Russia, which sent Wagner’s mercenaries there. there is. “The death of his boss Prigozhin will not stop these actions,” predicts Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy and vice-president of the Union. Borrell does not hide his concern that Niger’s legal government is now fighting jihadist guerrillas who could exploit the power vacuum.

Borrell’s call to action for Africa is very important. Let’s hear. Europe cannot be distracted by the unexpected war and internal affairs in Ukraine. It must rethink its role in Africa and draft a major development plan for the continent or be willing to suffer the serious consequences of inaction. “The European Union must overcome its geopolitical adolescence,” said Durāo Barroso, former head of the commission.

Away from this anxiety, France is experiencing its crisis – Macron is planning a series of internal referendums as the last dam against the growth of far-right Marie Le Pen – and they don’t know how to contain the progress of anti-opposition in Germany. European and ultra-conservative candidates. In the Netherlands, meanwhile, a new centre-right party, the Social Contract, is opening up, which will emerge in the November elections.

Meanwhile, Spain is failing to form a government. As long as the Catalan separatist Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium, does not ring the bell and allow the election of conservative Núñez Feijóo, Pedro Sánchez can be re-elected on October 17, as the Socialists wish. But that will depend on the price that Basque and Catalan nationalists charge. Everyone believes that the moment has come to pressurize, but if there is no agreement, the elections are likely to be repeated (this will be the third time in a row). Paradoxically, the person who evades Justice is the one who strikes the decisive “parliamentary sentences”. He will present his terms in the middle of the week. So in the middle of the Union’s Spanish presidency, we’re displaying federative dandruff after a fugitive lack of government and players rightfully winning the World Cup. Neither the country nor they deserve this show.

Source: Informacion


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