two flavors

Very recently, two flavors overlapped on the billboard, allowing the people of Alicante to be wary of sometimes theirs and sometimes. On May 13, the great Carlos Hipólito passed through the Teatro Principal and published a biography of set designer Gerardo Vera in a monologue. ‘Oceania’ was an exciting and emotional show. Based on an extreme ideological text focusing on Vera’s bad relationship with her father, a Falangist who was very close to Franco, the story ended with the father-son reconciliation and the death of the father in 1977. Going beyond the proposal and the text, he has accomplished one of the most influential acting works seen in Principal in recent seasons, using only sound as a source, far from simplicity, any histrionicity.

The next day, the Arniches Theater hosted the Mal Pelo company’s ‘Bach’ show, where dancer Federica Porello presented a veritable recital of bodily expression, starting with ‘El clave bien temperado’ in piano version. Harmony and beauty took over the Arniches scene and stopped time for an hour.

Only 160 seats were sold in the Principal for Carlos Hipólito’s function, and we won’t say how many for that of the Mal Pelo company in Arniches. When, as in these cases, the overwhelming quality of the proposals does not win the favor of the public, it is worth asking ourselves what city we live in, what country we live in, what society we live in. Suddenly, we find some answers at the principal’s doors, in the crowd that afternoon, in those people roaring. You have to train. But where do we start? Because we will also need to train educators. What a scene.

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