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Novaya Gazeta is a Russian newspaper that opposes the regime of Vladimir Putin censored by the Kremlin and decided to cease its activities in that country in order to broadcast abroad with the help of Western media.

One of her collaborators is journalist and writer Yulia Latynina, the winner of the “Defenders of Freedom” award given by the US State Department.

Just a few days ago, Latynina reported on the website of the German newspaper TAZ that some German historians had He published a controversial article recalling his revisionist theses on World War II.

According to Latymina, it was the contemporary Soviet dictator, not Hitler, who was responsible for this war: “Stalin planned the Second World War to dominate the world until the last Argentine Soviet Republic (sic) became part of the USSR”.

It is a falsification of history defended by the German far-right in order to minimize Adolf Hitler’s direct responsibility in a war that cost the world the lives of more than 55 million people, mostly Soviets.

As historian Ernst Nolte wrote in a 1986 article in the conservative German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, National Socialism was merely a response to the Bolsheviks’ “class genocide” and “Asian barbarism.”

The Holocaust, or “racial genocide” as Nolte called it, was for him an understandable, though extreme, reaction of the Nazi dictator to the Soviet threat.

As early as 1941, the Third Reich’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, wrote in his diary that Moscow wanted to “Bolshevikize Europe”, so Hitler’s war was only of a preventive character.

Nolte and other revisionist historians refused to accept that National Socialist ideology was the main motive of Nazi Germany and that Hitler intended to conquer the Soviet Union in order to repopulate the Soviet Union and seize the oil reserves and rich agricultural resources of the Caucasus. Ukraine.

Their aims included the extermination or enslavement of Slavic peoples considered an inferior race and their mass exile to Siberia to gain more living space for Germany.

Nolte’s heretical theses led to what is called “Historikerstreit” in German, or the Historians’ Dispute: revisionists developed the idea that Nazi crimes were merely a reaction to the crimes of Stalin and totalitarianism, a product of “Asian barbarism” introduced in Europe. .

It is alarming that this Russian journalist, threatened with death in his country, uses the Western media at his command to spread old and discredited theses about the alleged responsibility of Soviet communism in the outbreak of the Second World War.

Of course, this shouldn’t be too surprising, because for his criticism of Putin, this “freedom defender” has spent years denouncing both Western liberalism and Muslim peril in his writings, including his novels.

An admirer of the Russian philosopher and writer Ayn Rand, who championed “rational egoism”, individualism, and market laws, Latynina saw universal suffrage as a danger to the struggle for democracy and human rights, frustrated the work of communist agents and intellectuals. It will destroy western values.

According to him, climate change is also an invention of the world bureaucracy and the officials of the scientific community.

It seems that criticizing the autocrat Putin and being unjustly threatened in his country for this does not automatically make anyone a democrat.

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