Fahri took the plane back to Dubai at four in the afternoon. And the key lies there. Time is the message. It is four o’clock. So, nothing after dinner. Here you have an early Anglo-style lunch, grab a quick snack, and head to the airport at two o’clock to get there early. At two o’clock yesterday afternoon, a ray of sunshine fell on Madrid that could end any regime. Monarchist, republican, and even regime, being able to go on a diet and thrive with decency on the beach or in the community pool. A heat to get sick of gazpacho or porra with breadcrumbs and good oil, not too dietary but nutritious and refreshing. We don’t know what they gave Fahriye for lunch, she doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes grilled asparagus, but it’s true that she’s had enough shellfish from Galicia. Perhaps a stewardess at La Zarzuela remembered the virtuous pleasures and ordered Juan Carlos to prepare something to his liking.
Source: Informacion


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