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Spain, portrayed by Berlanga in the cinema, does not falter in real life. This old kingDeciding to break the service record for the country with his career as a commission agent, Reappeared at Sanxenxo with applause and a day at sea. For many, prosecutors a blind eye to the ruler and there are those who, in full republican enthusiasm, claim that justice should be equal for all. Indeed, that’s how it should be. But I would like them to give two examples of using the same thought for Jordi Pujol or those who are forgiven without judgment.

there are many more models justice doesn’t seem to treat everyone the sameOn the other hand, the only case that seems to be infuriating is the Rogue King case because of the republican dream of most of the left. I agree with him when he argues that monarchy is a system of privileges and an anachronistic phenomenon, although this should be subject to a limitation in Spain. a slightly more tolerant decision from anywhere in the world for the short and unfortunate experience In two very short periods in the history of the Republic, it only caused major disasters. Yet we have much to complain about the monarchy that seems to occupy the whole, and at the same time we are grateful for the longest and most prosperous coexistence of our troubled democratic phases since Franco’s death. Many will wonder what this has to do with choosing ballot republicanism over the privileges system that sanctifies a dynastic monarchy. While these may not seem like much or expensive for the country paying for it in practice, the Spanish Monarchy appears to have split into 8 when it is known that the Republic cost France 113m euros. the most expensive, costing the British 40 million. The discussion is not well justified.

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