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Two sons of Filipino dictators won elections in one of Asia’s oldest democracies. Ferdinand Marcos, nicknamed “Bong Bong” He is the son of the dictator of the same name.Guinness record in corruption As his town went bankrupt, he was forced to flee to Hawaii in 1986 with loot estimated at $10,000 million. The vice president elected is Sara Duterte-Carpio, the daughter of dictator Rodrigo Duterte, who has just left the presidency because he is constitutionally unable to repeat the term. one wore The bloody war on drugs, according to Amnesty InternationalI have been involved in more than 3,000 extrajudicial killings, tens of thousands of torture cases and many more arbitrary arrests. But in networks it seems to be a time when the Philippines breathes peace and has an international role. Earlier this month, sixty-seven million Filipinos were called to the polls, whose votes endorsed the new president and vice president, and indirectly the previous dictators. The key has to be in a place where, as Word Global Index 2021 points out, the Philippines is the world’s leader in daily use of social networks, and its residents are the people who, by average, spend the most time on their mobile phones. this is over ten hours.

This was very important to him. Duterte defeated Marcos Jr. He learned something from that when he tried to become vice president in 2016. Six years later, with troll factories and TikTok influencers on his side, Marcos became president. Daughter of Vice President Duterte. It is a triumph of misinformation taken to a new level by the hyperactive social media machine launched in the 2016 campaign and well-funded by Marcos Jr. Their power and wealth allowed them to rewrite and reframe the family story as a story of cruelty. dictatorship as a time of relative peace and prosperity. The passage of time, the failure of the post-Marcos political establishment to fail many Filipinos, and of course the buzz on social media has created a ready audience for this historical fiction. Although the most spectacular and final case is the one in the Philippines. “Relentless culture wars involving domestic violence” like Vox in Spain are slowly causing a political crisis. In India, the ruling party’s nationalist agenda has eroded a democracy that has long been rooted in the country’s religious and ethnic pluralism. Most worrying is the culture war with Brazil, which is straining the democratic system in the United States.

The biggest creator of fake news, former President Donald Trump, has used the networks to sell his fake stories or even deny his successor’s victory. Joe Bidenand encourage the attack on Congress on January 6, 2020. still great influence in the North American Republican party, Along with the January 6 commission of inquiry, he’s likely indicted for half a dozen issues that would make it harder for him to run in 2024. The most influential politician for culture wars currently using networks is Florida governor Ron DeSantis. possible Republican candidate. “Culture wars,” as they are now called, are disinformation campaigns or legendary re-readings of history. Republicans launched a campaign The new decision of the Supreme Court, Once they have a 6 to 3 majority, cancel the “Roe v. Wade” sentence, so abortion will still be governed by the laws of States that criminalize abortion in some places, even in cases of rape or incest. De Santis outlawed “critical race theory” in the state of Florida. It is an academic framework that focuses on the idea that racism in the US is systematic and not merely a manifestation of prejudice held by individual people. The theory, arguing that racial inequality is woven into legal systems and negatively affecting people of color in their schools, medical offices, court and penal systems, and many other areas of life, has banned certain LGBTQ teachings or speech. And the far right still doesn’t reign there, in fact, there have been government attempts last year to eliminate more than three hundred books, films, and articles from school and university libraries, mostly by black and Latino authors.

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