Travel, travel by train, damn it!

That must be a year old for Spaniards, not mine, but after the Bank of Europe and the Bank of Spain outstripped us in the economic recovery, a phrase that accepts no nuance, I realize that almost everyone else – except us. more than one government – believes in the right to treat us as fools, imbeciles, fools, or sheep or all at once, unless its cure constitutes a sickly pleonasm that requires endless patience and too much surrender, in addition to a good dose of castor oil (a small born Spanish…). Years ago, he was the philologist, ex-minister and former vice-president of the local economy who tried to convince us that public money belongs to no one (many from the PSOE and UGT in Andalusia took it literally, it was confusing. ”). Years later, a youth who temporarily holds the Head of Government left us a briefcase to ward off the independence pandemic (the last dose of that “chanel-literary” vaccine is in progress) as he goes to write “Policy for Adults.” to cause consequences). Then, without having read the book before, the head of government said live on air without wearing a top hat, “Who’s the prosecutor’s office because it’s already there?” But it’s still there, you two must have noticed by now. And just a few months ago, the caste scourge, the prudent bourgeoisie, deprived of privileges and attractiveness, orphaned us, left us to our fate, taking refuge from politics and the humble neighborhood in which he lived, devotionis ascetica, then media expertise. visiting the hairdresser. From there, wearing a modest Franciscan robe, he again counsels the proletariat—like a good television writer—that the end of the world is very near and he is very far away.
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