Journalists or timer owners

like mother I saw myself as being very represented face to face in the election. As a journalist, I was quite embarrassed. Shut your mouth. He started because you were silent. I was counting. Not true. Tell him not to talk while I’m talking. Tell him not to gesture while I’m talking. He started. Lie. liar you liar. I’m not finished It’s over. Shut your mouth. I forgot what to say because of him. It wouldn’t matter. Shut the fuck up now. Can i talk? On Monday, a ball of wool flew over the table where Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo were sitting, causing an incomprehensible dialogue of the deaf. But wasn’t Sálvame and his loud scandal over? Trash TV is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed And now politics. The entire plane is for the audience alone, and outside, at a considerable distance, two journalists not doing their job. If we take into account the résumés of both Vicente Vallés and Ana Pastor, this would not be due to lack of desire. Trading was not necessary. What happens if no one interferes with a conversation that goes where the participants want and is on the verge of boredom. If it is a question of the main candidates of the next elections transmitting their pre-prepared slogans to us one after the other, fine. Txapote, Fernández Vara and rapists in his Chapapote, sanchismo and Galicianism. What a disappointment if the question is to offer a program that engages the audience/voters with the bit of informational value and a pinch of journalism that an adult democracy requires. Fortunately, there will be no more.

In one duel, only those of the stopwatch were clarified, presented as the sum of competent professional practice. Expert sports referees replaced the moderators. It was a lot of laughter to observe how the clocks work, which does not have more seconds than its opponent. Sánchez and Feijóo both walked in unison as they took the corner. and talked about each other to the misfortune of the audience, who were punished for speeches that were as badly worded as they were annoying. Because if everyone is wasting their corresponding seconds, who cares what is said. Presenters with great difficulty functioned as a warning when a thematic block ended, to start another with their only and insufficient contribution. A question from Pastor to Feijóo about the denial of sexist violence exhibited by Vox PP’s partners in autonomous governments and municipal councils, none of the few questions were answered and was particularly overlooked. Don’t mess with girly things And let’s talk about the party with the most votes, no one here is going to be completely happy at 24J and we can get along lively and directly. It is impossible to cut short the repetition of slogans to insist, to cross-examine, or to question the vast amount of falsified data provided, or to create an appropriate discussion. “Time is well managed”, flattered by the two satisfied hosts of the ridiculous time trial, campaign managers won’t be calling upstairs tomorrow. They surrendered to their steward roles. Well haha, next time they go out alone with a referee who will let them pass with a few screens and a whistle to enter the issues.

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