Menstrual period and other bleeding problems

Welcome is the right of any new woman, but resistance to enlargement women’s maternity leave to approach more developed European societies

Keep up the satisfaction of hearing so much and so well about you. piece to gentlemen commentators more accustomed to solving the mysteries of the multiverse, the crypto winter, the green inflation, or the recent offside. It’s exciting to see them involved in something they didn’t care about until yesterday, that serves as a joke or even scares them a little. Putting a minor issue and a women’s issue on the Cabinet table has the virtue of venting public debate, broadening the concept of the welfare society, and focusing for a while on half the population that is often in the shadows. Normalizing normal things is a political trend. It remains to be seen whether we already have a country and a labor market that will make it easier for workers affected by painful disability rules and with a diagnosed cause to exercise their new full-paid sick leave entitlement. I would say no. Except for the civil servants, it could happen to us like the Japanese, who had the opportunity to ask for monthly leave for years, but they don’t do it because they are afraid of being fired. And they take their pills, fill the hot water bottle, and lie down as soon as they come back from the pit, trying to make it as less noticeable as possible, as we’ve been doing all our lives. I think the Vice President of Economics, Nadia CalvinoThe smart one, frequented by our bosses, made his own calculations. We give them the rule, they don’t want more than four, and we say no to everything else, it costs a potosí. They have their moment of victory with a peripheral but flashy claim, and we have open accounts and no red numbers. Neither discounted VAT on hygienic products nor prenatal leave at 39 weeks. Seven days of preparation for the moment that changed everything.

Menstrual period and other bleeding problems Elizabeth Martinez

In an extreme scenario, an employee who could take five days off a month due to excruciating menstrual pain would be out of work for about eleven weeks a year. In our country, maternity leave is 16 weeks for a working woman and the same for a father, only six compulsory periods. It is given at 18 weeks in twin pregnancies. Special mention deserves to be given to single parents who are given a single 16-week leave by law, although courts recognize the right to 32 weeks for those who dare to make legal claims. Even the Minister of Equality, Irene MonteroAssuming that Spain will be the first country in Europe to recognize menstrual permits by law, one will recognize the imbalance this comparison expresses and the lack of attention to family reconciliation, a bias that needs to be corrected upwards. The nations around us do not have specific laws for this rule, but they give us deep soup in protecting the rights of motherhood, workers who decide to have children, and newborn citizens. Matched with Turkey on child leave, neighboring Portugal allows 32 weeks, the United Kingdom 52 weeks and the Scandinavian countries up to two years. Through the Family Act, some recovery is hoped for in this bloody situation that has allowed the legislature to finish talking about real social transformation.

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