Less clap and more industry

Now we all seem happy with the third place in the festival of songs from Europe, neighboring countries, EU, NATO and opposing partners, now we burn our palms to applaud the artist and envelop him in rojigualda or music. according to someone senyera Mariannechorus now channel How would you like to talk about the voices in the ministries, the realities of our workers? Why don’t we talk about Kellys of Culture?

This country is waiting for an industrial revolution, or rather, after the two have experienced it, it is very likely that a third will come and the culture industry will continue to wait. This country has not come to a conclusion yet. Culture is just another industry. Most of my colleagues pull their hair out when I pronounce this sentence. But I insist that we create a public and private sector for universal and quality health rights, and we must do the same for universal education. But it seems that when we have no desire to create an industry, we demand cultural rights because unlike many other European countries we believe that Culture is a trinket, a sofa, an ornament, a decoration of the system. That’s why there is no one comprehensive government policy on our culture industryWith an industry-appropriate tax and Social Security system, fair wages, adequate contributions to not retire at the age of 90, an education system that guarantees an itinerary, and University-linked higher education, the same happens in many university education systems in Europe that surrender to our Musical player. Haven’t you wondered why this country historically included the old technical schools of Physical Education, Nursing and other schools in the University and left only higher arts education outside Fine Arts?

What if we talk about a policy where not only companies that print books, but all companies that produce culture reduce their VAT? By the way, how about we talk about reduced VAT on musical instruments, as we are a powerhouse in Europe? What if the Europe that gave us the most votes at Eurovision starts to slip out of your mind? establishing a company for non-profit, as in the USA? What if we realize that we have a cultural sector where workers are just that, workers and businessmen are just businessmen?

How about a country that ultimately protects workers and encourages employment and the creation of companies in that sector? Do you remember what Chanel did before she was chosen for that song? Whatever life was, it was sought after. But relax we are not the only country like this. I learned that the song from Serbia is exactly about the fact that the artists there do not have Social Security, that they have to be healthy because they do not have health insurance. You know what Chanel said? “I’m more afraid of what will happen after Eurovision.” She knows what country you live in, she. In Spain, we are reducing bonus days per day worked, employers have to bill 21% VAT for their production, while we pay 10% for our reputable public tickets.

This country is a difficult political task from the left to comply with the culture industry, workers’ rights, the promotion of their companies and the training of their professionals. And then we can talk about the artist situation, about patronage, less about subsidies and more about ICO loans. Or cultural rights law.

In the meantime, you continue to enjoy the cultural decoration. Keep clapping your flag while debating whether Mamamamama’s feminism is better than lololololo’s.

When I talk about culture, I talk about it. 21st century billsI am talking about the reform of others, about employment, work, labor rights, higher and vocational education, science, labor and job responsibility, industry. Finally, I’m talking about having a national (and European) policy for this sector, just as we do for other sectors. I’m talking less applause and more industry.

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