dry tears

Since the Tajo-Segura transfer began through this cross, the province’s farmers have never been more alone than yesterday.. Loneliness, the natural zone of defeat, is most evident when you’re surrounded by crowds that suddenly and equally infallibly lend you their supposed support, not afraid to shamelessly jump into a herd of just whoever it is. Investigate how to get a slice or how to create a hazard. Until yesterday, during the rally in the Plaza de la Montañeta, which called for the greater glory of the struggle for water, those who soon had only dry tears failed to realize that their own tears were an almost officially lost cause.

Nobody wanted to miss the appointment. Politicians, businessmen and living forces. As with the best funerals. Nobody wanted to miss but someone did, just to make its absence more obvious. Ximo Puig never wanted to lead this water show and he made no exception yesterday. Disturbed, he once again clung to the corporate banner and castled like a chess king giving up the middle of the board, with just a video and audio cutoff, he became virtual meat. Our president doesn’t come to “communities” very often: he said this a few months ago when he avoided the dangerous embrace of the Murcian bear. He would have repeated the move yesterday and included his own party in it, but admittedly under pressure from black demoscopic predictions, he had no choice but to send a large representation of himself to join the cause quickly and rush. In his statements he insisted on a half-truth no more obscure than to repeat: The transfer problem is a technical one, not a political one. A “deja vú” of PSPV, a classic mistake repeated ten to ten years and this often has disastrous consequences for their interests. If the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez and Teresa Ribera has done anything in recent years, as Zapatero’s government has done before by destroying the PHN, it has been the inept insistence on solving a problem that could have many solutions, the water problem. conflict. And they did it conscientiously and in the worst possible way: to turn it into pure politics. Bad but political. It is covered with environmental designs that seem to be an emerging reality and are also attributed to Europe. Some designs that influenced only one of the dozens of transfers that exist in Spain, what a coincidence: Tagus-Segura.

PSPV was not alone in the Montañeta maze. Representatives of all parties present in the square yesterday were so impudent that, although they were the main critics of the concentration, they went about their business without major complexes: not allowing them to appear, controlling damage, collecting votes and avoiding. as if they smelled of sulfur. It was impossible to give the image of minimal unity, which was what the socialists so sincerely wanted from the mouth of their new and flamboyant trustee, Ana Barceló. As if this transfer and confusion started yesterday. Nor did anyone understand the origins of the optimism of the head of Agriculture, who until last week saw Barceló’s partner at Consell and room to negotiate with Ribera. Mireia Moyà, I think, must have known that we are at the moment of execution, not negotiation.: One third of the transfer will stop coming. The “won’t happen” optimism is probably what got us here: it’s already happening.

Mazón and López Heritage were on their own yesterday, which was more of a show than an argument.. Mounted on the uncomplicated tractor, they greeted the dignified man, like bullfighters, with a festive and triumphant air that did not quite match the gloomy atmosphere of the square. PP’s message is clear but straight, not childish: they and Feijoo will now give us back the water they took from us, as they said about Casado earlier. “PSOE or water” is the motto. Sure. But one thing is what Mazón himself said, and the other is what Feijóo plans to do. They also vote in Castilla-La Mancha. PP also has a not-so-rosy history in this regard, slowly killing the transfer after repeatedly promising to support it.

Y this is where the danger comes inBecause in the face of widespread disillusionment with classic political options, newcomers like Vox hope to pick out the disgruntled from all corners of the political spectrum. And worst of all, it can happen, even though the far right has so far not been very interested in the “national” issue of water redistribution. If they vote, they will enter. They were seen yesterday. The counter message is always the easiest.

Irrigators know they can’t trust anyone. They lie a lot, but they are alone in front of a green “Moloch” whose livelihood turns the water from the transfer into a goal to beat whatever and whoever it is. It is sad, but yesterday’s events did not evoke the feeling that there was a plan of resistance. Beyond desperation, to face such an extraordinary foe with some guarantees.

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