War, all wars, war

“…and there were only five of us against those brave boys who abused us to make a living with the baboon, not counting the occasional planes that plunged into mountain clearings and their explosions damaged many palms.”

Julio Cortazar. Gathering, fire in all fires

“How do we get to the point of starting a war? (…) What particularly surprised me was the statement by the French Minister of Economy that they wanted to destroy the Russian economy in order to make the Russian people suffer. Such a statement is outrageous. (…) Russia continues to supply gas to Ukraine».

Jacques Baud. Swiss Army Colonel, military intelligence specialist and NATO aide for five years

The “Global Report for 2000” on population, natural resources, the environment… the Carter report commissioned by the said US president in 1977 and approved 40 years ago in 1982, “has reached disturbing results,” says Gerald Barney. (…) demographic, environmental and natural resource stresses are intensifying and will increasingly determine the quality of human life on our planet. These tensions are so intense that they are depriving millions of people of any hope of achieving some recovery, along with the satisfaction of their basic needs such as food, shelter, health and employment. they continually propose a process of increasing degradation and impoverishment of Earth’s natural resources… new, powerful and determined initiatives worldwide will be required to meet human needs while preserving and restoring the planet’s human capacity to support life.

Diagnosis, II. Adopted at Bretton Woods at the end of World War II and the institutions that have governed it ever since, it predicted the diseases accompanying the world order controlled by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This horizon has been marred by the destruction of the food surplus accumulating in the “west”, the displacement of populations seeking these “remnants”, the appropriation of land, water, natural resources, as well as the coming of famines. resources are the source of individual wealth and the cause of the destruction of the global environment. The liberation of damaged democracies, protected by the growth of evil, continued necessary, “just” wars, disguising the need to force people to flee their lands, facilitate the exploitation of resources, the construction of broad communications. Structures that facilitate the trade of accumulated goods in the prospering world…

Organizations that planned to avoid armed conflict in 1946, such as the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs, and various organizations, treaties, treaties… .. against the proliferation of nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional weapons, and mines lost their strength and international presence. Programs for the dissemination of the culture of peace supported by UNESCO have also lost their importance. Education centers where the story of war is involved in teaching classical languages, history, literature… (Iliad in Greece; Gallic War in Rome; re-conquest in Spain and many more) activities to explain the benefits of military construction in the 21st century today. Violence has not disappeared from the language, there is a lot of entertainment. Revenge is a response to aggression, justifying the 2% increase in military spending. The good/evil schema is displayed shamelessly, without nuance. It seems that the explosion of disorder has arrived. Wars, armed conflicts, preventable but unavoidable, have left huge bills: loss of life, impoverishment, physical and mental insecurity, growing injustice. Their success does not make up for the multitude of losses, if any.

“No to war, all wars, war” refers to reinventing education for peace, restoring the value of words for conflict resolution, dedicating scientific research to social education and community cooperation programs, social, academic, educational recognition of the Declaration of Human Rights. the transformation of free trade into local, seasonal, sensible free trade, which destroys energy and human life. Representative parliaments, make a space for recycling funds dedicated to preparing for war great destruction, people, animals, crops, vegetation, forests.

Comparisons between high spending on the purchase and sale of disposable weapons or on the poorest, and weak spending on education, culture, social programs are devastating. The species, which began its existence with the development of the brain, seems to have slowed its evolution towards the most advanced state of mind in order to avoid these permanent displays of destruction, which continue to be the countless wars that the “West” has experienced. countries are struggling.

Source: Informacion

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