Ways of Alicante art

In the Alicante Municipal Archives, a particularly pleasant place in a city where you can count the places researchers can go with your fingers, I read the new book coordinated by Juan Antonio Roche Cárcel: Alicante since 1950. It is a 368-page volume edited by the University of Alicante Publications Service and the Institució Alfons el Magnànim.

Compilation, 26 monographs examining many artists. Both the scholars and the subjects of study have developed a significant part of their careers in our country. It caught my attention that among all the texts, the only one presented in Valencian was the text signed by Josep Sou, who studied the work of Antoni Miró. It could not be otherwise. The fact that the full translation of the entire volume is not forced seems to me a success. I can’t imagine the text written by Josep Sou of Alcoy about Miró in Spanish. What matters is the original version contributed by each author.

Regarding Josep Sou, I would like to add that the work can be on both sides: as a scientist, but also as an artist, because he is one of the most important of the period analyzed. Modern, advanced and most contemporary.

The great Juan Antonio Roche sums up this inventory: “two major paradoxes have occurred in local contemporary art: more modern but less so than Alicante; and less sheltered and concentrated in itself, more open to mass media and global currents and flows”. Something that is everywhere. Here it will be necessary to work with a more emphatic character.

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