In praise of tenderness (l’home-aranya)

I gave it to the dictionary that sensitivity is the capacity of perceiving the senses. I don’t know why this quality is perceived as a negative factor in our society. So I was able to find the following example in the mateix dictionary I referenced: “he was an almost sickly youth with an exaggerated sensitivity”. The truth is, I haven’t finished finding the “morbo” the quote refers to. I understand that it is not always easy to recreate sensations and perceptions whenever we lose our individuality and are subject to the pressure of time. The culture of immediacy is a hostile disease of observing our emotions.

The literature is replete with examples of this human capacity. British writer Jane Austen Així published “Meaning and sensibility,” a satire about the excesses of Romanticism, that brought up the debate between seny (trellat, com diem els valencians) and emotion. According to the novel, the expression of sensitivity was a special fetish of heroes. It was the nineteenth century, but psychological studies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries continue to mark differences in the expression of sensitivity between men and women. Specifically, the 2012 publication “Distance Between Mars and Venus: Measuring Global Gender Differences in Personality” by British psychologists Tom Booth and Paul Irwing and Italian Marco del Giudice confirms this appreciation: the dominance of the affects and the sensibility in sexuality. women of our species. The authors will apply a scale of 15 personality traits to a survey of 10,200 North Americans, most of whom are white and have a higher education level than their country. Do not conclude that gifts are more sensitive than men’s, as well as more sincere, more worried, and anxious. In contrast, men score higher on tests of emotional stability, dominance, attention to standards, and prudence. Això gave the report.

I can’t be more against previous results. Do not enter to evaluate the limitations of the analyzed sample: it is clear that això conditions the result. I’m not a psychologist and I’m not trying to be, but we can help everyone meet people from their own circle, regardless of gender, who are highly sensitive. It is certain from the tradition of our cultures that the belief that a man shows excessive emotion is marked as understated masculinity. How many vegades did we accompany “els homies no ploren” xicotets? How many times have we men of our species threatened to tear up other people’s tears, why are we emotional, why are we sad? You can praise them, that’s fine, but men…

Per això m’hi rebel, porquè si hi hi, is there any difference between susceptibility samples by type, this is a problem in the outsourcing framework. It is this feature that distinguishes all humans from other animal species. The education we come back to stopping limits the manifestation of these feelings and sensations. It is clear that the percebre amb els sentits corporales ability is quite different in each nosaltre. Hello, there are people who leave the contemplation of the whole, the re-creation of images and experiences, to express the feelings they have. Hello, there are others who are fascinated through contact, the proximity of vibrations emanating from people or situations.

Primers are more analytical; els segons, more intuitive. Jo em trobe més identificat entre els primers; d’altres amics is at els últims. The other day, they realize that intuition is like a home-aranya ore, that is, they have had six-voltage teranyinas that stimulate them with the vibrations of the surrounding mood. They are people with high sensitivity and high sense of doubt. It would be nicer to be able to be a home-architect that also includes the analytical capacity of the Rebre els emotions. First of all, I curb the inertia of studies that focus on differentiating us because of gender, sexual preferences, or various other factors. I cry when I like it, both in public and in private! Keep feeling utopian…

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