whatever god wants

Three days after the joy of winning back the heartbeat of real ballot boxes and not votes at 15-J in 77, the cup semi-final between Betis and Español took place at that time in Heliópolis, and I made the history of the «Informaciones de Andalucía. ». The newspaper couldn’t keep up with the next game. The dice around a correct omen are rolled.

A week later at Vicente Calderón, after 19 penalties, Esnaola stopped his decisive one against Chopo. joyful…? The European champion that season was Liverpool, and he was the victim of the resurgence of osteoarthritis he suffered during a “molto longo” period, the abbot Paul VI, who ended the Tridentine rite months later and led to the death of this world. farewell to this world. a few sincere progressives with a folk air around the altar, believing the pelambreras to be Che. In 2005, II. Don’t you know which teams lifted the trophy in these competitions that coincided with the death of John Paul? Rafa Benítez’s “reds”, Ancelotti’s Milan’s “Champ-peon-nes, camp-peon-nes!” He returned the three goals he sang amazingly. in the middle, Wojtyla had just reached eternal rest.

Once again, we are in a position to repeat the situation. I imagine the Curia relayed the background to the pastor who was aware of the football boom and San Lorenzo de Almagro driving Barça to the top. All of this has led me to believe that Valencia will win at La Cartuja, thanks to his intercession for his own interests. But either they didn’t warn him, or he didn’t put all his effort into it, or Bordalás has to be absolutely convinced that a bit of the devil is working.

The headline that hit me when I proposed was: “The Vatican is canceling foreign trips for the Pope’s health.” I see him agree that our story unfolds under the gaze of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, “but let’s worship Karim to worship, to worship what is said.”

Source: Informacion


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