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Certainty and time can form the beginning of an existential reflection that almost all of us have encountered at some point. Taken less seriously, you know that many things have to happen relentlessly throughout our lives and that only time separates you from them. For all and more transcendent is the certainty of death. But I don’t want to enter the axioms obliquely. stygian It’s a Sunday, so I’ll focus on certainties and time with reference to the political scene and politicians, an intellectual invitation that better pairs with coffee. Walter Benjamin pointed “Those who do not resist perceiving deterioration eventually … claim a special justification for their own permanence, effectiveness, and participation in chaos… The blind will to save the prestige of their own existence … imposes itself almost everywhere.” The German philosopher committed suicide in a hostel in Port-Bou, harassed by the Nazis, crushed by certainty and time. Another writer, Stefan Zweig, in his novel “Letter from an Unknown Woman”, appropriates time in Petrópolis so that the certainty of death does not happen without his consent:You always come back, but then you’ve already forgotten”.

I’m explaining for a few articles that there is drift imposed by @sanchezcastejon It is a certainty that is becoming more and more clearly perceived in the PSOE when he takes over the party, the catastrophe that violates it and will leave him when Spanish society abandons him. It’s just a matter of time. Until recently, it was nearly impossible for any socialist to dare to question this aspect. politician Designed by Pedro for PSOE (ideological It seems to me that merit is far from Sánchez’s talents), not just for survival, positions, power, privileges and influence, but because it was more important to define himself as a radical enemy of the centre-right (remember his cry) when Sanchez won the election the masses: Not with Rivera!) one day to immerse yourself in a web of ideologies, groups and parties so alien to the cores that make up the core of Transition socialism. What Rubalcaba christened Frankenstein. This is true. It’s astonishing to see how Sánchez deals within hours with those who swore not to go to bed minutes ago, dragging a mute, obedient, lifeless PSOE and a high dose of short-term opportunism – it remains to be seen why – the fear these friends will inflict on him and his thalamus Spaniards United We Can, Catalan independentists who hated Spain, its democracy, and its symbols (the city council, King VI. Unwanted); According to ZP, peace man Bildu de Otegui, Sánchez’s teacher, continues to get dandruff in his armpits whenever the crimes of ETA and other partners are referred to Spain.

But things are changing, certainties or the smell of disaster. And time passes. That’s why so many people started running away that a few weeks ago they just didn’t stay silent. “geniuses” Sanchez and his government, but they applauded him like a naked king. But the boy stepped out of line and put dozens of facts before the mirror of his interests, and now they’re already chattering. Submissive columnists, thankful-to-grateful journalists, floating quotas intellectuals, quiet businessmen, and friendly media (even the BOE media itself) are starting to slip, perhaps sibyllously that Sánchez and the Government are making mistakes; perhaps Pablo Iglesias was not reliable; Bildu is not a good idea; Independenceists and nationalists continue to cling to their peasantry, not realizing how necessary an “independence” is.“The Great Coalition”, or if not, “drop” the most votes. And they will elevate the style as the precision brings them closer to time (you will see after the fiasco in Andalusia). And discontent will come (even among the leaders of Susana Díaz yesterday, today sanchistas and the morning of spare parts change); and we will read about the mistakes of the beloved helmsman. But you have to survive. Along the way, the PSOE will have left with the kidnapper much more than it allegedly earned.

Attacks on Justice; an attorney general, former PSOE Minister of Justice, discredited and defeated in the Financial Council elections; Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Pegasus, CNI (which Robles delivered to those who hated Spain); Worst rate in RTVE history; the government’s management of the pandemic; Congress closing; European and international apathy; the imposition of norms against consensus; amnesty; revolving doors; policy of unrestricted spending at the expense of deadly tax pressures on the middle and modest classes, SMEs and the self-employed (autonomous debt exceeds 310,000 million euros and Spanish public debt is 130% of GDP); regional language policy that prohibits many professionals from speaking Spanish; the education policy that allows to pass the course without fail, effortlessly; magician queens, math from a gender perspective, all by bike the first day, then demanding their custom to heat their official car; abandonment of working-class neighborhoods for magnificent chalets. To the whim of the boss, it was a childish policy of impersonal ministers; Empty expressions and empty gestures that any adult doesn’t seem to have taken out of recess and put to work. Hence the certainty and the fear of time.

I remember the tale of the doomed, who awaited the deadly hour with their guardian and a donkey grazing nearby. When the king’s envoy announces that he will be executed the next day, the prisoner begs him to make the donkey talk if they give him a few months, an achievement that will increase the king’s reputation. When the request is finally granted, the guard tells him “you know the donkey will never speak” and the prisoner replies: “yes, the donkey will not speak, but in a few months the king may die, he can write an order. It allows me to experience forgiveness, declaring war, or who knows what unheard of events. Time versus certainty. “You always come back but then you’ve already forgotten”, Zweig. For more.

(spoiler: the donkey never spoke. And the time has come, and with it certainty).

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