Valuable acting weight in ‘Oceania’


*** ½

From Gerard Vera Y Jose L. Collado

Interpreter: Charles Hippolytus

The great Carlos Hipólito played with his wife, Mapi Sagaseta, in “Rita” at the end of January, and in the one-man production “Oceania” on Friday. sincerity, charisma and simplicity. As in the text of José Luis Collado and Gerardo Vera, who won the 1988 National Theater Award and died of the pandemic, the actor’s pleasant presence, facility, and skill ensure the success of what he does.

A tribute to the person who was a set designer, costume designer, actor, film and stage director. The intimate atmosphere of the story relates to the existence of the latter, who was born in the mountains of Madrid in 1947. It was there that he began to love cinema. There are cinematographic references, but the projections and soundstage don’t offer all the gameplay one might expect.

The social and political repercussions are not exposed a little more broadly, and daily anecdotes dominate about his well-off family. First love, lack of love, ideological position or difficult relationship with a father of the Falangist court. And the passion for theater in a monologue that traces the life path of Gerardo Vera.

The show runs down a memory lane with the leader controlling every nuance of the performance. Comedy, drama, nostalgia and a certain feeling under the tight direction of José Luis Arellano from the LaJoven company we saw on Arniches.

Describes and describes what is not always fully relevant or, in some cases, unnecessary. He performs character voices that benefit the sense of the theatrical situation to some extent. Carlos Hipólito is the precious weight of a story featuring Vera as the creator of dreams sometimes distorted by reality. The architect of invented truths and a way of reinventing life.

The actor deserves a full theater that isn’t there. The standing ovation from the Director of Alicante, yes, was intense.

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