Fence to Tagus-Segura: the path to an alleged water fraud?

Lucas JimenezThe head of the Tajo-Segura Central Union of Irrigators, it is calculated that in the past weeks everything surrounding the future of the transfer has been shut down due to hunger, i.e. the planned shutdown due to the lack of water to transfer, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has done nothing but fulfill a promise made by the Head of Government to help us understand each other. It is the result of an action. And this Pedro SanchezIn 2018, in the heat of a rally in Albacete, he promised to close Tajo-Segura.

Four years after this meeting, the Government is moving towards approving Tagus’ hydrological plan, unless common sense can remedy it or a judge decides this water nonsense. is to know, indeed, a default hydraulic estimation exercise. Or if not, how can it be explained that a document approved by the National Water Council – they have their noses – will be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, that the data obtained by competent technicians is revealed, that the action will bring destruction and destruction? Isn’t it necessary to raise the ecological flow? In other words, a plan that, if implemented, would deal an almost fatal blow to the transfer, resulting in thousands of layoffs and thousands of hectares of crop abandonment. Additionally, a plan that contradicts Segura’s plan, who warns of the water mess to be processed and bets to leave everything as it is.

Okay, vice president. Theresa Rivera and his right hand, the Asturian Hugo MoranThey have closed their eyes and ears to fulfill the promise of Pedro Sánchez, who was already being interrogated behind the land where he armed the wolves by putting the wolves in front of the cows and lambs. A president who thinks everything but doesn’t remember hearing a word about Tajo-Segura. His enemies accuse him of talking too much and achieving little. It’s funny—perhaps not the most appropriate term—that one of the few promises he’ll make is the delayed closure of the transfer to please presidential Castile-La Mancha voters. Garcia-Page and to the mayor of Toledo, among others and others, Miracles ToulonThe sincerity to stop in Murcia and let loose that the goal is the closure of Tajo-Segura, who has the political arrogance in the midst of the storm or why not admit it. .

Worst of all, these electoral commitments, which had no legal basis as Tagus’s need to increase ecological flows had not been proven – the only thing dictated by the Supreme Court decision was that they should be determined without getting into any issues. While the amounts and volumes threaten the present and future of a large part of the province with recession, the region’s own GDP is extracted billions of euros less from it.

And all this at the expense of undeniable climate change, one that can leave us dehydrated—or even suffocating with it—ask the melon growers in Elche, who were hit by the excess moisture this spring. Not to mention the mantra that each province should adjust its growth to its own water availability without having to resort to other sources. In this case, 350 hm3 per year from the Tagus River is half the amount determined by a law in force since 1971, and one thousandth of the amount delivered by Spain to Portugal. Can anyone understand this?

Whatever hand the Supreme Court can lend with resources from the irrigators against the cuts in the municipalities of Consell, Diputación, Elche and Orihuela, and Tajo-Segura, the page has been verified to be white on black. The government’s course cannot be reversed: the climate, the anti-transfer obsession of Castilla-La Mancha president Emiliano García Page and Vice-President Teresa Ribera condemn transfer. The Manager does this without further consideration, as Ribera has raised a tariff for desalinated water that doubles what farmers can accept.

It may sound like a joke, but with globalization, 60,000 workers will be forced into unemployment in many sectors, not just in the fruit and vegetable sector, as tomatoes in Morocco, oranges in Argentina and South Africa, tiger nuts and hazelnuts in Mali can be purchased. Watermelon in Senegal, because the rules of profitability. What farmer can pay 0.5 euros per cubic meter for desalinated water and then get by on 15 or 20 cents for a kilo of oranges? This is the reality now for the thousands of Spaniards who are about to hit the ropes in a host state. Maybe not right away, maybe not in ten years, but if he doesn’t act with common sense, the future will be dark. If it is already difficult with the problems brought by the direct use of desalinated water, it is almost worse when in Madrid apathy towards Alicante has led to charging them at an inappropriate price or even not considering the possibility of a subsidy. .

Desalination plants in Alicante and Murcia – Torrevieja, Águilas, Alicante and San Pedro del Pinatar – currently have a total capacity of 207 hm3 of desalinated water to help complete the irrigation and urban supply of 35 municipalities, throughout the entire Murcia region. from the province of Alicante and two from Albacete. Insufficient volumes of water to replace 350 hm3 of water from the Tagus transfer, in addition, a large part of the desalinated water is already produced and used every year. Therefore, at present, the cut (we must add the years of drought) from 2027, approved by the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation, to 264 hm3 per year will be left without the necessary water resources to guarantee the future development of a significant part of the region. The province of Alicante, including the cities of Alicante and Elche and the entire Vega Baja.

If the Ministry of Ecological Transition’s intention is completed to cut the water supplies to Alicante and Murcia and replace them with desalinated water until the day of its closure, the Government’s cost will exceed, as irrigation officials ensure, further expand and connect desalination plants, use photovoltaic energy 1,000 million euros needed to set up the infrastructure to use it and even pay for possible complaints. Infrastructure construction actually pays off after 43 years of use and an investment of 600 million euros, thus claiming the transfer is the best technical, economic and environmental option.

footnote: Next Tuesday, farmers and fruit and vegetable entrepreneurs will gather in front of the Sub-Delegation of the Government at the Plaza de la Montañeta in Alicante for the first of the street protests against the cuts. The atmosphere is more than warming, but they are good people. We’ll see if the MPs representing them in Madrid will deign to mingle with the fruit and vegetables. Three years after the government’s intentions became known, the failure of policy has become all too obvious, and with just 15 days of dialogue and low profile futile, Consell appears to be taking a conscious step forward. There is one more year until the spring of 2023 and the regional elections. On Tuesday, some of those who want to repeat their positions in 2024 can even be seen handing out peppers and tomatoes. Seeing is believing.

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