Judgment and head

Instead of the president, whom the ERC wanted to show her apparent anger, Margarita Robles chose to lose her case and enter the State’s private crisis to take advantage and new concessions from the weakest democracy government. The Minister of Defense seemed like a nightingale unaware of this Executive’s moral decadence, but in the end, he had another victim of Pedro S├ínchez, who didn’t hesitate to snack on himself to save his ass whenever any difficulties arose. . The second consists in pleasing the independents not to turn their backs on a dying legislature.

Just a week ago, Robles defended the CNI director’s impeccable management and had no problem sacking him a week later, pathetically insisting it was not a dismissal but a substantial change without changing the order of factors. . Also, if Paz Esteban is exemplary, as he had argued a few days ago, why would he change it? The truth is that it is not easy to do it this badly, but it is not possible to surrender so dishonorably to the nationalist challenge, who once the balloon deflates, once again receives an oxygen balloon.

There are ways and ways to swallow frogs; sometimes it is necessary to do this for the common interests of the State or country, here it is the opposite. Frogs are devoured for strictly private or sectarian fulanistic reasons, which are highly false against Spain’s interests and for the benefit of those who declare themselves hostile to its territorial integrity. Coinciding with this new crisis, they and their supporters from the government once again demand that the crimes of rebellion and sedition be reduced. Why? Well, there’s an easy explanation because it’s in his soul to commit crime again.

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