Sanchez at low hours

Nothing seems to have come to the face of President Sánchez in recent months. The longer the war drags on, the slower the world economy, the inflationary tsunami slashing the savings of individuals and small businesses, the stock market crashing, and the dreaded rate hike approaching. If conditions don’t change next summer, expect a hot drop with a string of bad news. The data we have points to tensions in government, and with regional ones, there is more pressure just around the corner, in the environment. Feijóo’s arrival boosted popularity in polls for the simple reason that the Galician leader’s moderate imagery. And we must not forget that in the imagination of the average Spaniard, the main competitive advantage of the conservative party lies not in international politics, education or culture, but in running the economy. Politics is fed not only by facts, but also by expectations. And these are currently supporting Feijóo.

Sánchez’s main strength remains the volatile architecture of his alliances. From Bildu to the ERC, from the Junts to the United We Can, the common feature of the Allies is that they block the road to the right under the easy pretext of Franco’s legacy. Although there is no Franco regime in Spain anymore, it can be said that everything went through the Franco regime. But this castle – also a stronghold of Francoism with varying architecture – is suddenly besieged by the Pegasus cause and espionage by government partners.

It’s clear at this point in the game that Sánchez is overwhelmed. The open war between the President and Secretary Robles will leave a trail of victims. Bolaños’ position was also heavily damaged after the bizarre press conference on May 2. And without a solid economic recovery, the current decline in Sánchez’s image will be difficult to overcome, and this could be confirmed in two months by a predictable electoral debacle in Andalusia, a former socialist fiefdom. Even if propaganda becomes a virtue, the wheel of fortune will not turn in your favor forever. Sánchez’s disillusionment will erode the PSOE more than we can believe now, because tolerance for populism has its limits—almost historically—when it is a government party. The economy is in the red, years of severe institutional deterioration, the collapse of education, the emotional vacuum left by the abuse of cultural wars and the damage done to public welfare policies – and this is not it. it’s just a matter of budget, but their design – no solution will come from banal proposals. If the grand coalition was the necessary response—an unspoken effective response—to a state crisis in its time, there seems to be no solution now but a major reformist deal coming from the center of politics that has stabilized the country and the dowry. confidence in the economy. PP and PSOE must agree.

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