Homo Ancestor’s End

Pablo Iglesias looks like Pope Francis’ mother-in-law. Despite entering as a reserve at the head of Podemos, she does not miss the opportunity to undermine Yolanda Díaz’s leadership and highlight the problems of her formation.

The words spoken to Ursula von der Leyen after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan left her without a chair in the audience and pressed her onto the sofa were repeated to the European Commission president on the day Ugandan foreign minister denied it. Her salute to him in the audience: It’s nothing you have to endure. Neither delicacy, nor metaphor, nor cold indifference serve to stop gentlemen accustomed to protecting and/or humiliating women. After the first comes the second, and then they run. They ignore you once and like it even if they are mindundis who don’t paint much. It is therefore recommended that Yolanda Díaz set aside her famous etiquette, the sweetness in treatment that characterizes her, and her innate capacity for dialogue that seduces businessmen and unions, and send your best wishes to citizen Pablo Iglesias to hit it with zero. . It looks like the Vice President of Government will conduct a “listening process” for all bull skins before putting together his election candidacy. It’s akin to the car ride Pedro Sánchez takes when his party makes his bed, but in the case of the Galician minister with the typical fireworks co-pilot who knows better than the driver when to downshift, he grumbles if he misses the exit. Brutal criticism as the Highway and Pope Francis’ mother-in-law. But he also says ‘no thanks’ when asked to get behind the wheel. Without a stellar view of how badly the former Vice President of government and co-founder of Podemos, everyone on the left, and Díaz in particular, are doing, there isn’t a day where we don’t seem to notice as if it weren’t necessary. for a prophecy. The nun’s tufts were what remained in the cloister of the purple formation for the charismatic leader, who left unexpectedly and at will. But wasn’t he gone?

Putting up with Homo Antecessor is always bad. It is convenient to get rid of it nonviolently, but precisely, because self-love is an impossible task. Used to being too commanding and bored with not looking for him anymore, he has plenty of time to be a talk show host, lecturer or star guest. If two informative breakfasts are to be served on the same morning, it is. If you have to write memoirs, they are written. You can criticize the ideological enemy, but skinning yourself is more satisfying. He teaches lectures on democracy and leadership in high doses. Don’t miss the density. Whether left or right does not know, the same moral superiority is expected from José María Aznar from Felipe González, or from Pablo Iglesias, who now does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate the improvable management of his own stagnation. Party. Homo Antecessor is always irresistible, and more so to a woman (except herself), because she usually deserves more contempt. I feel that the Andalusian voter does not need tutelage to think twice about giving the vote to those who fail to present their candidacy on time. The head of the PP list, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, has long since left that he prefers that no one from the national PP help him in the campaign. Clever kid, the far right goes quiet and a parade of ex-presidents who want to talk more as they grow up should be feared.

Source: Informacion


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