Various pay television channels for several years Released the award-winning series americansThe specter of nuclear war is always looming, chronicling the hectic, yet camouflaged everyday life of a Soviet couple who infiltrated the ’70s United States. They go unnoticed in this country like any other family – bowling, eating hamburgers, going to barbecues… – and they have two children whose parents don’t know their true identity. The inspiration for creating this story came from the true story. Elena Vavilova, a Boston housewife who went undetected for two decades while collecting information with her ‘illegal’ husband (as those not filed by the CIA and FBI are known), first for the Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation. When they were arrested in their own homes, their children could not believe who their parents really were. Their entire life was a lie within a pseudo-reality that was now fading slightly like a house of paper. Years later, her mother told everything in the book A woman who knows how to keep secrets.

Keeping secrets and hiding who we are is a gift that humans have mastered for centuries. Ever since we’ve grown up, we’ve known how and how we need to change our being, our behavior, our emotions, and even our physique to fit into a society that doesn’t initially accept you as you are, but rather clearly defines what boundaries are. yes admit it and what not. Immigrants, homosexuals, fat people, women, gypsies, ‘other’ types of men, blacks, people with any kind of disability or mental illness have had to constantly camouflage, suppress and disguise themselves so as not to endanger themselves. Their own lives. If not, they ended up in detention centers or worse, and they still do. In saying this, I’m not just talking about the closest society we know: let’s open up to the world and remember that homosexuality in the United Arab Emirates is the death penalty in Afghanistan or the constant murder of women. But who can do it is confidential, and anyone who says he’s never ‘tuned’ in some part of his life is lying. Because only when there is complete trust in something or someone is not lying and the system is not very helpful to jump into the pool safely. Sometimes there is not even a drop of water.

It may be so, no one can say that americansPremiered in the middle of the term embers In the US, however, it does not come to mind in light of Russia’s new world heroism and the domestic and not-so-native espionage events Pegasus has experienced in recent weeks. The same week, in addition, the British newspaper The Guardian published an interesting report in which former senior American espionage officials lamented the prudence brilliance displayed daily by many of those currently in charge of the branch as a result of the war. in Ukraine. “In addition to the lack of respect, he is reckless. These things were always done secretly, quietly, without boasting,” complained a former ex-CIA spy. And they cook beans in all houses. In any case, don’t let your guard down, dear reader: spies are more active than ever.

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