The door to the set

There are too many people and getting rich requires more money in less hands. Liberalism is not sharing. In the British royal family, this is obvious. A II. IsabellaFormerly the richest woman in the world, she no longer gives her the line of succession she doesn’t intend to use for distant grandchildren, as she has shown over the past 70 years. Like this Henry of England the actress went with her wife Megan Markel, to the market to see what a Windsor is trading on the royal exchange. He is defending himself.

The concentration of big corporations with huge profits doesn’t go far either, and there is no room for more politicians on the nation’s councils. management of electricity companies or banks. Not even big law firms: Albert Rivera He was treated like an intern with bad results.

Audiovisual media, always concerned with the quality of the content they deliver to the public, round up fallen politicians so they can make a living as talk show hosts. This revolving door unites the parliamentary group and television. Some do not notice the transition from parliamentary seat to meeting chairman in speech, suggesting that they have shown more than just politics before.

An impending fiasco is expected in Ciudadanos that will revolutionize local, regional and national chains. Representatives of the Ciudadanos seemed to have already passed a cast to enter the liberal-diet party with no fat in their ranks. In a matter of months, failed centrism, sewing, cooking, or singing in the guise of a transgender crab at skill shows, reality shows with psychopaths locked up at home in sweatpants or skimpy swimsuits on cannibal islands, or fast-paced comedians like Mercurio. they are trapped in night shows that compete with jokes. Since “Interviú” closed, the offer to pose nude, as the leader began, has disappeared.

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