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In accordance with the principle of gender self-determination, there is a draft law on transsexuality prepared in such a way that any adult or minor can go to the registry office and change their birth sex for this person. they choose voluntarily or even without a specific gender and for all purposes this new gender will be accepted as the real one without any discrimination.

Thus, a certain section of feminists emerged that was adamantly opposed to this critique of gender self-determination law, which at its most radical they contemptuously termed TERF, or transgender exclusionary radical feminism, considering that a trans woman is actually transgender. It is similar to the motto (considered reactionary), in the same way that man is the human male sex, as woman is the human female gender, which seeks to invade woman’s space and assumes the same to be erased. ) “The man has a penis, the woman has a vagina, don’t be fooled”.

For its part, queer feminism follows the theory that gender is not determined and classified entirely as two opposites, as gender is more fluid and mutable than the naturalistic theory aims to impose, because it must be taken into account that the masculine or feminine gender is sexist. It is determined not only by biological sexual conditions, but also by behavior, social relationships, and mentality.

The phenomenon of transgenderness is that people who have a gender identity or feel a different gender than their birth gender suffer when they think they are in the wrong body because they feel women in every way because they were born male. , or vice versa. This transformation, which begins to be felt during adolescence, creates serious mental and social problems that can lead to injuries and even suicide. If they do not find understanding, both socially and legally, they suffer severely and nowadays there is legislative backlash in the West to protect these people. Basically, sex reassignment required hormonal and psychological treatment and even surgical intervention and a corresponding court order. However, at present these requirements are considered to be an extreme limitation, a form of punishment, and therefore the possibility of gender reassignment by simply declaring gender has been included in some legislation.

It is true that these gender changes can be made for illegal and fraudulent reasons, such as avoiding punishment for sexist violence, claiming to be a woman as well, changing quotas in societies or changing political nominations, presumptions of discomfort against women. cohabitation in segregated places or residences or prisons, and fraud in sports competitions where dominance may arise, particularly in women’s competitions involving trans women.

I believe that an unstoppable transformation is taking place in the vision of sexuality and gender and this needs to be translated into a change in the feminist mindset and new legislation. If feminism was simply the struggle for the equality of women with men, now the subject of feminism should be expanded to include any person who is discriminated against because of patriarchy (domestic service, certain occupations such as despised races such as prostitutes or gypsies, etc.). In this sense, it should be taken into account that trans women are subject to discrimination, disdain and abuse from this patriarchal society just because they are trans or if you wish, by imitating a woman. advocated for feminism. And the drawbacks pointed out to the right of self-determination can be resolved by a special arrangement for possible conflict or disturbance situations in proximity environments as well as sports competitions. Apart from these assumptions, maximum respect and care is given to the gender they choose voluntarily and which is protected by law, since no right granted to a person disregards or hinders the rights of others.

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