Blame anyone?

Yesterday’s resolution on intellectualism, which Tagus calls its “ecological flow,” abruptly ends the dream of national solidarity and the geographical redistribution of the country, in the absence of the coup d’etat unleashed by the Cabinet. the water of wealth Teresa Ribera and the cynical parlor environmentalism of the government of Pedro S├ínchez, the ideology of half-truths walking the carpet, not the real land, put an end to the dream of Spaniards who, like Indalecio Prieto, fought for the existence of this country. larger as more generous and redistributive. The transfer that Prieto encouraged always had enemies: he called them “traitors to Spain”. But he certainly could not have imagined that even in his worst nightmares, it would be his future party colleagues who would kill the transfer: those frivolous “traitors” would pretend to be socialists like him.
Source: Informacion


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