May 1st for a more social Spain and better Alacant faces

Ja passat l’1 de Maig and amb les ressaques de Pegasus, and the vote in Congress against the Government’s Anti-Crisis Plan is appropriate to curtail whether we will build a more robust and cohesive democracy between tots and totes. partisan conflict is not so clear.

When it comes to espionage, aside from the electoral opportunity that the government and opposition may seek, the first thing to be said by all democratic organizations and the public is that it is absolutely unacceptable, that it will not go unpunished and that justice must be done. Determine who is darrere.

Shocked by Treball’s international righteousness and touched on the prop, many reflections on the causes of Alacant’s qualities should abound in these mateixes pages, and the six economics has been and is one of the most important. The needy areas of the Reform Labor Party, where the Casado PP will vote against the “leave” policy.

The evolution of the Convention, membership in the EPA and SS, for Alacant and its poor labor market, the “seua” section i responsibility (component 23) has been endowed with 144,000 million of the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience approved by Europe for Spain.

Ens haurà d’explain Feijóo molt millor this inexplicable populism, why not vote against the 16,000 million we need and especially against the reduction of fuels, the increase in minimum living income, the regulation of convertible-rents in valencià? direct aid to the camp and transport, the electric social bo and the llum’s refusal to rebaixa d’impostos.

The problem is, in front of the financial and speculative economy that continues to revive cyclically, as we argue in this First of Maig, it is the treballadora class and treball amb drets that protect the real economy of the entire planet. to production.

In the millionth terreta del món, we have more reasons than the rest of the State to demand and demand more social, work and salary entitlements. Our starting position is significantly better than all official indicators and as indisputable as FOESSA’s latest reports on “Exclusion and Social Development in Resume” and the United Arab Emirates Institute of International Economics put it. Impact of COVID-19 on Alicante economy given the INFORMACIÓ diumenge passat”.

The slogan of the show was “The Solution: raise wages, keep prices, more equitable”. We demand to influence the global and international arena by acting locally and in solidarity with Ukraine, starting with and against the war, continuing at the expense of the people of the Sahara, and ending with the social cohesion that must stop the current spiral of conflict. believer in all “western” societies due to the intertwining of ultra-conservative populisms.

We will now claim the value of the job reform agreement and social scrutiny (ERTOs and job maintenance, SMI and Minimum Income, social security, suspension of layoffs,…). I compliment Alicante’s employers, for example, part of the seua blocked in the collective bargaining, as the majority of the service sector is in the prefecture of a la nostra.

I have also argued, for example, that in addition to limiting prices for electricity, what is known as the “Iberian Exemption” includes an inflation and cost of living caused by many factors added to Spain due to improper transportation. this has done so much damage to the camp, the farm, the fisheries, and logically the working class and families as final consumers.

In general, in addition to the regulation of the energy market and distribution chain, much more is needed per total això than a Pacte de Rendes that guarantees future recovery of the current loss of purchasing power, which provides support in general. real records of the benefits of all balances and sectors (Energy, Finance, Trade, Industry) if salaries and most vulnerable people.

If we really want to build a “sanitari cordó” to the antisocial far right, we need to transform social discontent into rights recovery and social cohesion. We need to build more futures and more Real Estate from one of the world’s largest lands. Això claims and in això we have to work every day.

Source: Informacion

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