Official secrets in wartime

A State’s secret services are just that secret because their function is to prevent and, where appropriate, avoid actions that put it at risk. If they cease to be and their activities are brought to public knowledge and scrutiny, they become redundant or become something else. Basic to understanding.

The CNI, our intelligence agency, is tasked with detecting, preventing and neutralizing activities that affect the sovereignty or integrity of the State, even if they are disliked, according to regulatory law. On the other hand, a target that is not strange in any democratic country.

Therefore, it is not unfamiliar and unfamiliar to the CNI to interfere in negotiations between those who organize and carry out acts that lead to separate crimes of sedition, far from being just political. Such investigated behavior takes on a much greater seriousness today, as doubts about Russia’s participation in the Catalan process at any level are not weak. And this fact concerns the foreign intelligence services, the facts that are at the end of all that network, which undoubtedly carried out and carried out actions similar to the actions of the CNI, and most likely did not end today.

The complex world of Catalan independence may have acquired an alarming degree of conflict for our political landscape, perhaps unwittingly, due to the intervention of an interested Russia and creating internal division in the West.

At this historic moment, it is not surprising that they have parties, Spanish or otherwise, that enjoy a temporary pacifism that is against NATO in the eyes of other international organizations and does not hide their dictatorial preferences. Russia. Because of their alliances and claims, such formations have gone beyond a level that could be more than a simple domestic legitimate option, joining a conflict between opposing blocs and being more than a geographically limited war.

For all these reasons, taking into account that there were criminal acts that sought to jeopardize the integrity of the State, and that Russia intervened in them at determined levels, the CNI was certainly able to intervene with the relevant judicial approval. communications of those who conduct illegal acts. It should not be overlooked that other intelligence services act in the same way and have recently expanded their activities at least to the same issues, in short, there is a high level of coordination. Among all those who must act in concert when Europe and the West put the security of space at risk.

To expect Europe and our environment to indirectly support the Catalan separatist movement today is to ignore reality. It would be naive to think that Europe would question a country’s intelligence services in times of anxiety.

Our government’s choice to open the official secrets commission to anti-system parties against a coordinated and strong Western defense is certainly an issue that goes beyond the domestic and worries our allies. How much can NATO member states trust a country that provides the state with information about state secrets to non-believers in Western strategy and is clearly prone to risk our security if they succeed in achieving their goals? , it is also against the alliances of our bloc.

The problem that caused the government’s decision to expand the commission of official secrets to anti-system parties is the risk that foreign intelligence services will cease to trust the Spaniards and not pass on any sensitive information. Complaining to a complaint that jeopardizes or could endanger the intelligence centers of our allies is behavior that can bring us unforeseen consequences.

This is not the time for such internal strategies. Neither the separatists nor the parlor communists understand that the world is going through such a complicated time that our environment will not lift a finger to support their system-destabilizing goals and will not find allies there. And the government that is aware of this cannot continue to play with fire. I have to say and I may be wrong, I believe the government is acting on the face of it and will not encourage the handing over of sensitive information to that parliamentary committee, the secrets will remain secret and access will not be allowed. They will be banned for new members of the group. At this critical point, I continue to trust that the PSOE retains its ruling party character. I hope I am not wrong.

Now, and although we are only faced with a game of appearances useful for domestic consumption, harm abroad will be inevitable, in front of the international public and more rigorous governments that will not expose themselves to unnecessary risks simply because this government does not expose them to unnecessary risks. It is not enough to be interest, it is necessary to appear. And this game is being lost by Spain in a serious moment for the world around us.

Note. After the article is delivered, news emerges that S├ínchez and Robles’ phones were tapped and that such interference is foreign to the State. Doubts about the CNI disappear, and doubts increase about who is spying on us and why. Everything done last week was rushed or it could be a montage. Everything is so absurd that it cannot be true in a serious country.

Source: Informacion


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