Sentenced to the Coalition Government

Except for absolute majorities, which is strongly discouraged, we Spaniards seem doomed to be governed by coalition governments. They came slowly, unlike Germany, Italy or Portugal, but we have already suffered from them: the national party led by Pedro Sánchez between the socialists and the populist left, and that of Castilla y Leon between the PP and the far right. The electoral system proposed by the Spanish Constitution—half plus one of the 350 deputies in Congress—requires alliances to be formed to reach the long-awaited 176 seats for the election and the ratification of laws. In other countries, the runoff removes these concerns.

There is currently no absolute majority for either Pedro Sánchez or Alberto Núñez Feijóo. So from 2024 to 2027, after the elections at the end of this year, we will have one of two versions because this country is very polarized and will rule either as a more nationalist left bloc or a right wing bloc. Includes Vox.

The issue should not be too alarming, as politics is the art of negotiation and agreement. But this. The problem is the behavior of junior partners in the Government, from the left or the right, who habitually cause trouble, strain coalitions, and impose criteria beyond legitimacy that correspond to parliamentary weights. There is Vox’s performance in Castilla y León regarding the abortion regulation that the junta’s vice-president García-Gallardo pulled out of his arm; or the turmoil of Equality Minister Irene Montero – and her indescribable Foreign Minister Ángela Rodriguez – refusing to fix a leaky law, a “Yes is a yes only” law that produced results that differed from what was intended. Occasionally, Podemos is joined by the nationalist minority, which corners the Head of Government with its demand to enforce laws and agreements under threat of explosion. The closure of Esquerra Republica, which sought to blow up the long-awaited Job Reform law by voting with Vox and the People’s Party, is unforgettable. Esquerra owes a tribute to popular lawmaker Alberto Casero, who made a mistake in his digital vote and allowed the law to be passed; saved the nationalists from monumental embarrassment.

It is what it is. The world is increasingly polarized and the parties of the center that are likely to ally themselves on the left or the right to avoid extremism are weakening or disappearing; Some, like Ciudadanos, were dynamited from within. Albert Rivera, together with the British David Cameron, who gave his name to the now-lamented Brexit referendum, will go down in political history in the chapter of leaders with mind-blowing decisions. A list of weird characters, including Boris Johnson, who wants us to believe he attended “surprise parties” at his official address during Covid; or Lis Truss, her replacement, in just 45 days in office, sunk the London Stock Exchange and the price of the pound with plans to drastically reduce taxes and other events. And one more secret that the lady will perhaps reveal in her memoirs: Elder Queen II. There are coincidences, of course. However, if he had told His Majesty about the fireworks program he was planning to carry out, it cannot be ruled out that the lady of August chose to retire before witnessing the fiasco.

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