leaf on blank leaf

It is not difficult to interpret the Chinese uprising of the blank slate from the moment the police ripped it from the fingers of the protesters, depicting it as a small and silent paper banner. A universal message, a very subtle performance, a joke about the best Quino’s freedom of expression. It’s understandable because it’s written in the language of the image, not in Chinese: a suppressed protest. Less was never more.

It is universal and at the same time China, our friendly dictatorship, is the bastard shopkeeper of the West. Protesters complain about Covid zero policy restrictions. You can read between the lines on that blank page, but when you go to Beijing, a Chinese man says he’s not against the government, some of the protesters are from the Communist Party, but they’re fed up with China. measures that deprive them of rights in a country with very weak rights. For Chinese communists, only Xi is Xi, but there is a gulf from there to confining them in barred buildings for months, subjecting them to movement controls between regions, or being held in dire conditions in concentration camps.

Now the authorities in China fear the blank page more than the writers. What is not written on that page? “We can’t say everything we want because of censorship,” explains another rebel, who is more valuable for their silence than for what they say. The Chinese protest what is not written and how well it is read!

Its blank page says everything they think in invisible Chinese ink. The more oppressive a system is, the more concerned it is with what is thought of it, the more it wants to transcend what is said to be already in control. Here are the religions in which sin is committed in thought – the closest, without going any further. Also, proximity checkers are always worried about what is being thought, as they do not trust what is said to them and what is done for them.

That blank page says “I wouldn’t tell you” to the authorities and “if I told you” to the rest of the world.

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