Russia accuses dissident Kara Murza of “treason”

Journalist and political activist Vladimir Kara Murza survived two attempts poisoning He suffered the loss of an opposition politician in 2015 and 2017. Boris Nemtsovwith the protester before he was killed in central Moscow. it was stoped last april to disobey an extended sentence to the police”discredit To the Armed Forces”. And now the Russian authorities “treason“for supposedly taking financing from abroad, member states NATO.

this secret services The Russians blame him”to cooperate In the long run with transatlantic alliance countries,” TASS agency reported on Thursday. In particular, Kremlin media such as RT are reported to receive $30,000 a month for “acting against Russia’s security”. According to his lawyer, Vadim Prokhorov, the penalty is, 20 years prison, which will be added to the already pending two.

In his own time, Kara-Murza blamed the Russian authorities for the poisoning attempts due to his pressure on the West. will sanction Russian authorities are guilty violate human rights.

This is the second conviction for treason in 2022. The previous conviction was that of journalist Iván Safronov, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Russian authorities accused him of spending. accurate information Russia has denied an accusation against countries such as the Czech Republic. He also drew attention to the fact that the sources he used for his work were open and he did not have confidential information.

exile or prison

Currently, most of the Russian opposition is in exile or in prison. best known name Alexey Navalny, He is serving a sentence in a penal colony 100 kilometers from Moscow. He repeatedly complained about the conditions he was in through letters he wrote to his lawyers and condemned his lawyers for waking him up. hourly through the night to watch her supposedly not run away or force her watch propaganda state for several hours a day.

Other notable names among the critics Vladimir Putin Like Ilya Yashin, they went to jail in 2022, while others like Garry Kasparov or Lyubov Sobol live abroad. The latter was sentenced to six months in prison for breaking Russian covid laws, although he claimed it was for “political reasons”.

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