They tried two men accused of humiliating two homosexuals at a restaurant in Pamplona

Two women will be tried this Friday At Pamplona’s 3rd High Criminal Court humiliate and humiliate two homosexuals they were eating at a restaurant The facts that on January 6, 2021, the prosecutor from the town of Cizur Menor demanded prison sentences of one year and nine months for each.

In his indictment on Three Kings Day 2021, the prosecutor states that two men entered the establishment and sat at the table next to the suspect’s desk. they were already “disturbing customers in the dining room”.

At one point, one of the men stood up to kiss his partner, and one of the defendants insulted the man’s sexual orientation, “look at these two how they kiss, fagots”. Again, victims ignored the comment and continued to eat.

As the meal progresses, the prosecutor adds, “The cries and chants of the defendants prevented the rest of the diners from making a minimum of speech.‘, whereupon one of the men asked the women to lower their voices.

Far from renouncing their stance, the defendants continued to defame and humiliate the male couple several times.

The prosecutor assures that one of the men was “a serious assault on his honor in front of the court”. Repeated humiliation and public disclosure by the accused in a dining room full of people on Three Kings DayHe caused her to burst into tears in public when he said that “while he wanted them to leave him alone, he just wanted to eat in peace, yet he did not give up on the ugly statements of the defendants”.

“Despite requests from Establishment personnel, the defendants did not leave the venue until a Foral Police patrol arrived,” the prosecutor adds.

Nature of cases and punishments

The Prosecutor considers that these facts constitute an offense relating to Fundamental Rights and Public Freedoms.

Therefore, it demands a sentence for each of the defendants. one year and nine months in prisonand a ten-month fine of eight euros per day.

In addition, the prosecutor is seeking deportation from the national territory and a seven-year ban on entry to Spain in place of imprisonment if the accused is in an irregular situation in Spain.

In this sense, the prosecutor requests that, if the deportation of the prison sentence is decided, the accused be sent to prison while the deportation proceedings are carried out, which “must come into force as soon as possible and in any case”. , within the following thirty days.

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