Brazil picks Lula as clear favorite to oust Bolsonaro from power

more on sunday 150 million Brazilians called to manage one of the most polarized elections remembered but he’s also one with predictably clearer results, as polls have shown for months that haven’t questioned the victory of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who could have won even in the first round.

And since the Labor Party (PT) candidate regained his political rights after his convictions were overturnedNo research has ever put him back in the Planalto Palace twelve years later.

Aware of this, re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro for the Liberal Party (PL) has faced a marked decline in popularity as he has focused his campaign on questioning the Brazilian electoral system and remembering the past with his opponent’s Justice. , is always questioned, but even more so after the pandemic management.

Brazil will decide its future at a time when it has to deal with record inflation ratesWhile there are fears that Bolsonaro will not recognize the election results after applying to the Army multiple times and questioning the Supreme Court, the inequality, unemployment and ravages of the pandemic of previous times.

Up to eleven candidates introduced themselves for these elections. Again only Lula and Bolsonaro are shown as real options to choose. Both faced a new fierce confrontation in the last election debate televised by the most-watched Globo network in Brazil.

This was the last option Bolsonaro had to win the undecided votes to at least get to the second round on October 30. Lula, on the other hand, hoped to close the issue and win the helpful vote his team demanded from those who still counted more media weight than election weight on the weak third road led by Ciro Gomes and Simone Tebet.

The latest Datafolha survey, released this Wednesday, onlye Lula is close to 50 percent of the vote It’s necessary to win on Sunday, but 46 percent of Gomes voters and 38 percent of Tebet voters agree they can change their vote on Day 2, enough to settle the dispute.

Bolsonaro vs. Lula

Brazil experienced one of its most prosperous periods between 2003 and 2010, coinciding with the Lula government.. With almost no economic reforms, the huge demand for raw materials from abroad allowed the former president to initiate a series of welfare policies that managed to lift nearly 30 million people out of poverty. His re-election in 2018 seemed clear according to polls, but his conviction and subsequent imprisonment put an end to PT’s intentions.

The most beneficiary was Bolsonaro, a former acquaintance of Brazilian politics, who spent years circling the country’s institutions under the acronym of the party that most and best represented its interests at the time. Promises of order in the streets with the right to bear arms as a flag punish the PT’s corruption. and fighting the left for its policies against tradition and traditional family, the Brazilians managed to persuade.

Now, four years later, Lula pledges to tackle the economic crisis with policies aimed at boosting consumptionrepeal the spending ceiling law and progressive tax reform to tax the great wealth. Fully nationalizing the electricity company Eletrobras, launching a massive public works plan to create jobs, and ending the indiscriminate exploitation of Amazon are some of his promises.

Bolsonaro will continue his plans to continue privatizing state companies.Like the Correios postal service and the ever-suspicious Petrobras, Eletrobras hoped to have the cheapest fuel in the world, hoping to enable one of its campaign promises after corruption became rampant during the PT’s tenure.

Both pledged to increase investment in social policies to reduce inequality. On the other hand, Amazon is the pending account of the two. While Lula’s rhetoric differs from Bolsonaro’s – even though the far-right supports the existence of illegal raw material extractors and opposes the delimitation of indigenous lands – the PT candidate financed his social policies through the exports of the Brazilian agribusiness. to the detriment of the original communities living in the area.

This Sunday, Brazilians elect not only the president and vice president, but also the governorships of the country’s 27 states, as well as a complete renewal of representatives of the House of Representatives, part of the Senate and state legislatures.

Source: Informacion


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