Pest experts are warning of a fall full of mosquitoes and cockroaches due to rains and high temperatures.

National Association of Environmental Healthcare Companies (Anecpla), autumn, especially mosquitoes and cockroachIn addition to the high temperatures, it will be reactivated by the rains of the past few days, which has created a “best breeding ground” in parts of the region.

Thus, they note, humidity and heat can reactivate pests of mosquitoes and cockroaches and others. Specifically, it highlights: “Very specific” risk of increased tiger mosquito populations, particularly in Levante regions and remember that it is a vector of transmission of major diseases such as Dengue, Zika or Chikungunya; and two more cases of the common mosquito, vector of West Nile Virus, were detected a few days ago.

Anecpla evaluates this increase as follows: one of the direct consequences of climate change This summer has experienced sustained and cascading heat waves, followed by an early decline with storms and high temperatures.

“Water, heat and humidity: a powerful cocktail that creates the ideal habitat “for the reproduction of pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches or termites,” among others, this entity highlights the “particularly high risk” to public health posed by the overpopulation of the Culex mosquito, the carrier of the virus, West Nile Virus.

Jorge Galván, general manager of Anecpla, reminded that the epidemic had broken out. The West Nile virus, which emerged in 2020, has killed eight people in Andalusia.

“We have been warning for just over a month about the continued increase in the population of mosquitoes transmitting this virus, and recent rains are an ideal trigger for a disproportionate increase in the population of this vector,” he insisted.

So they ask Public Administrations and citizens. that they have implemented “important” prevention measures, such as cleaning up both domestic and peridomestic mosquito breeding areas.i.e. those left in stagnant water, ponds, tanks, or any external container that may accumulate water.

when it comes cockroachHe states that the most common species in Spain are Blattella germanica (blonde, German, or coffee cockroach), Blatta orientalis (black cockroach), and Periplaneta americana (American cockroach, known as the “super cockroach” because of its size). . . .

cockroach example agencies

Regarding these, Galván emphasizes that control of this insect must be “immediately from the moment of detection” because they reproduce at an “extremely fast” rate and even under current climatic conditions the main danger is contamination. From diseases such as salmonellosis or dysentery.

“Control of this pest is a primary concern, especially for those in charge of the hospitality industry, because if a customer sees a cockroach in a restaurant, their business image is very much at stake. On a terrace or in a bar, it will most likely never appear in the establishment again,” Anecpla adds. ‘s general manager.

Tiger mosquito: Impossible to become extinct in Spain

About the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), Anecpla believes its expansion has already reached the point of no return, so it considers extinction impossible in Spain.. In this way, he draws attention to the fact that due to the State of Alarm as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, appropriate control treatments could not be provided only in the first half of 2020, and their presence in Spain is estimated to increase. Up to 70% compared to 2018, according to Mosquito Alert data.

Finally, the lack of thermometers and the recent rains indicate that the tiger mosquito plague threatens to skyrocket in the coming weeks, particularly in the Spanish Levante region.

Sergio Monge, president of Anecpla, said the status of this insect infecting It has developed resistance to chemicals found in insecticides.

Monge explains that the resistance of this species to insecticides has long been confirmed, so he insists that professional experts in pest management and animal health should be responsible for carrying out prevention and population control duties. “Otherwise we may find ourselves with this and other complications that may not have come yet,” he warns.


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