Clones a Zamoran’s card and “flashes” the balance of 4,687 euros within 10 days

You can say so for ten days he devoted himself to the good life until he had polished 4,687 euros by drawing a card from someone else’s card, yes, from someone else’s card.. Young man started the month well Between Madrid and its environs, Albacete or Alicante in August 2020 after that clone a card zamoranoThis allowed his client to use it until the savings agency was surprised by the fact that he had changed his habits so abruptly.

The track just didn’t start two big purchasesfor the amount of €953,50 in a store Madrid or for someone else 714 €to the owner’s account shopping center of the same capitalaccording to the tracking of registered banking transactions.

However Twenty extractions of 300 at 300 euros this happened in just ten days In a dozen different towns and cities in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Levante they finally discovered accused teenager, initials OBas the person behind the cumbersome moves, the account has replaced the identity of who it really is.

Half a year in prison and two years without committing a crime

Convicted of fraud, sentenced to prison six months’ imprisonment and compensation to the savings institution with 4,687.50 euros plus the interest generated in addition to the payment of the costs of the trial due to the commission of the criminal offense, Criminal Court Zamora. The magistrate postponed the execution of the sentence, that is, the prison sentence, so that the accused did not commit the crime again in the next two years and was immediately sent to prison. The young man, who has a police record for similar events, admitted that he copied the card to commit fraud between two people. 2 and 12 August 2020as preserved by Zamora Prosecutor’s Office.

He is on trial for several crimes reported in Asturias

The defendant has several cases pending for the same offense for acts committed prior to the cloning of the debit card at a savings institution in Zamora. Some reported in town In Pola de Laviana, Asturias, criminal proceedings still pending. In these ongoing investigations, the defendant’s lawyer sought to arrest the Magistrate of this province to suspend the hearing yesterday and refer the Zamora case to the court. 1 court of Laviana. The judge denied the request because the defendant’s crimes in Asturias preceded the Zamorano scam.

These are other scams with the same system, cloning of cards Establishment of a system that allows the combination of the customer’s secret number to be recorded at ATMs. In order to avoid such cheating, especially from financial institutions, banks and savings banks, customers are advised to make any transactions at ATMs. close the hand you dialed the secret number giving them access to your accounts, security precautions preventing card cloning through these mechanisms.

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