A shooting with several injuries was recorded at a school in California

Several people were injured in an accident that occurred on Wednesday. pull school The high school is in Oakland, a town located in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA), according to local media.

Oakland Police confirmed the incident via social networks and designated a special place for families to meet with students, but did not provide further details on the number of victims with five injuries, according to the CBS network. a hospital.

According to these media, several gunmen were shot outside a complex in one of the most populated areas in the state of California, which includes three schools. “I heard the guns and saw a woman getting out of the car and running to school and I thought the worst,” a witness told NBC Bay Area.

Hearing the gunfire, the three schools in the complex isolated students and staff from the center until they were able to safely begin evacuation. Television cameras showed numerous police vehicles and emergency equipment in the immediate vicinity of the student campus.

The incident occurred while the US public was in shock with a gun attack that killed 19 children and 2 teachers from an elementary school in the city of Uvalde (Texas) on May 24. It was the bloodiest school attack in the United States since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The tragedy has reignited the debate over the use of weapons in the country.It is the most violent of the holiday, as it occurred ten days after a dozen more were shot dead at a supermarket in New York state, followed by several mass shootings, including 7 dead, in Chicago during the July 4th celebrations.

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