In Girona, Empuriabrava’s murderer executed the woman while she was sleeping.

Court, 1. Figures He issued a preventive detention order for the man arrested for the murder of a woman in Empuriabrava (Alt Empordà). According to the investigation Mossos d’Esquadra, The suspect, a German national who had traveled to Spain to build the Camino de Santiago, had only been wandering around town for a few days. In his statement, he reported that after lingering in the area for several hours, he entered the house where he killed the victim in cold blood.

The victim, also a German woman, slept on the upper floor of the house, which had access to one of the Empuriabrava sea canals. Her husband had gone to dinner with a friend. At about two o’clock in the afternoon, the suspect sneaked into the house, grabbed a pillow, and went out to the room where the woman was resting. he put the pillow over his head to silence the beatingand pulled the trigger.

After an execution he didn’t give there is no logical explanation in court, she took the keys to a trailer owned by the victim and her husband, and Escaped. There is no evidence of prior conflict between the victim and the aggressor. Nor did they know each other.

After some time, the husband came home and learned that his wife had been killed. He also realized that his trailer had been stolen. As it was a GPS vehicle, it provided Mossos d’Esquadra with the suspect’s route. National Police agents, alerted by Mossos, stopped the vehicle as it passed. Portfolio. The suspect intended to cross the border through that town and flee Spanish territory.

While searching the trailer, agents found a 9mm parabellum pistol that would have been the murder weapon. The man stated that he was in the military, separated from his family and borrowed that gun from his brother.

After spending the weekend in police custody, the order came at the disposal of Figueres’s No. 1 court, which ordered her to go to prison this Monday after receiving a statement that did not allow to explain why she had killed the woman. prosecutor’s request Henry Barata.

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